Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gotta Stitch 'em All

Well, I haven't really been doing much.  I've been budgeting and preparing for the imminent Government Shutdown.  Because I've been worried about this, I haven't been able to fund any cross stitching.

Though I have been using my scrap thread (the stuff you get in bulk packs that's like store brand, not DMC) and I've been making Pokemon magnets.  I've so far created Bulbasaur and it's evolutions and Charmander and it's evolutions.  Currently I'm working on the Squirtle family.  Here's some pictures!

Currently stitching Squirtle, so there's no picture yet.  The goal is to have all 150 (maybe I'll add Mew) eventually.  No time frame because of finances, but I stitch a different evolution every weekend, so maybe it'll help me to start getting pretty regular with my postings finally.

Anyway, my infant is starting to crawl and my toddler is starting to talk a lot more, so they are doing really well.  Alright, I'm off to go finish Squirtle, I might update later :)  Happy stitching, everyone!