Thursday, April 24, 2014

Loot Crate April 2014

I've been pretty sick off and on for the whole month of April.  Very stressed, very anxious, and nothing has been feeling like it's going right all month.  My kids have been sick as well as whiny the whole time.  I get no break because my husband has been working every day without a day off and usually not coming home until the kids' bed time.

I perked up last night because MY LOOT CRATE CAME!

I opened it before taking any pictures because the box was damaged on the side I didn't photograph.  That being said, I repacked everything exactly as it was when I opened it originally, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

The stuff underneath:

I opened the Game of Thrones box first.  I don't know anything about Game of Thrones as I haven't watched it yet.  I'm working on it though.  I''m going to assume this is a Dire Wolf?

Hard to tell for you, I'm sure, but I couldn't get a picture of him straight on because my camera didn't want to focus on him.

After I opened him, I opened my Nord!

His helmet comes off!

I figured he belonged with my Alduin.  Don't mind all the dust, I have apparently forgotten that there's a top of the bookshelf (video game shelf?).

He also came with a steel sword and an iron axe which I totally didn't have to fish out of the garbage because I didn't know they were in the package!  He's holding them now, but obviously wasn't when I took the picture.

This loot crate came with two 20-sided die.  One is a large stress ball, and one is an actual die.  There's a package of dragon jerky (I'm nervous because it's green) and a dragon shield screen cleaner for a cell phone.

The Dragon Jerky:

Now, I'm kind of scared to try it.  Wish me luck!  Here goes!

Yuck, not the best jerky I've had.  My kids loved it.  though.  I'm sure it wasn't for eating and was maybe for collecting, but my son kept bugging me and I'm not one to hold on to novelty foods like that.  I'll probably keep the package, though.

We got a Dragon Slayer dog tag as well which my son was ALL too happy to liberate from me (like he did last Loot Crate's Attack on Titan Scout Regiment sweatband).  So as long as he's happy, I don't care.

And that was it!  I would say a pretty decent haul this time around!  Last month's was still my favorite, but I've only got three to go on so far.  I would have to wager that this month was my son's favorite.  He loves him some dragon stuff!

Well, no WIP today, but I haven't really had the time.  Off to go finish cleaning my house.  Happy stitching, everyone!  Remember, if you want your own Loot Crate, click HERE and sign up!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Well, while I have a few moments of peace between my entrees that I'm cooking, I thought I'd pop in and say HAPPY EASTER!

We dyed eggs last night and my toddler made sure that some of the eggs made it into ALL the colors, so we have some...uh...interesting looking eggs.  We did an egg hunt this morning with the dyed eggs and we hid two special eggs (one for each child) with two dollars in them.  They seemed to enjoy it, and they loved their baskets.

Well, I'm probably going to go finish my cooking.  Happy Easter and happy stitching, everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

WIP of Jak and Daxter piece!

As I have mentioned before, I did NOT create this pattern (created by the lovely BMH on Spritestitch), nor do I own any of the Jak and Daxter characters, etc etc etc, but here it is, PAGE ONE OF MY PATTERN IS DONE!!!, the picture looks pretty bad, but that's because my flash is so bright.  I have poor lighting in my house, so that's the best I could get.  It looks a lot better in person, I promise.

I feel like I'm getting sick again, so I'm going to go take a nap.  Happy stitching, everyone.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quit Complaining!

I'm going to complain here for a minute.  It's been a helluva week.  Side note, I did not know that "helluva" was actually a word until just now.  You learn something new every day!

So at the beginning of the week, my daughter was just getting over the hump of her cold.  She got the whole family sick, but everyone was only sick for a day or two (Ophelia and I with the worst of it), she was sick for a little while longer.  We were finally all feeling better, so I figured it was safe to go to my friend's house where she was having a little get together for all the babies to have a play date/pool party.

My kids were fine the whole time.  The next day however, my son and daughter started up with being sick again.  So who knows if my kids got some other kids sick because they apparently weren't over it yet.  Anyway, my kids are sick and then my husband gets a stomach bug.  Which he then proceeds to pass to every one of us in the house.  Now...we have ONE bathroom in my house.  Having three people in the house needing to use the toilet all the time makes for a very uncomfortable living situation.  Luckily we can just put my toddler in diapers, but that still leaves my husband and I fighting for the throne.

So we get over that as it's a roughly 24-72 hour bug.  I start to finally feel better and then my son throws up on the rug.  I cleaned it up, then I shampooed the carpet where he threw up so as not to re-infect anyone else with the stomach bug.  That happened yesterday.  So I had a mini freakout because I think being exhausted and dealing with the rest of the family being sick was getting to me.

Last night after everyone but my daughter has finally gotten over their sicknesses (save for my daughter and her damn cold: round 3), my fat butt decides that I need to trip over the vacuum head that I forgot to put away.  So now I have a really, really sprained ankle.

Today, my daughter has been all snot and coughing.  UGH I need a break.'s been a couple days, so here's a random WIP of Jak

I haven't made it super far, but that's what I've got.  Time for me to go to bed.  My daughter's cold has had me so worried that I didn't sleep much because I kept checking to make sure she's still breathing.  I hate being a worry wart.  

Happy (albeit sickly) stitching, everyone!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Minion is One **PIC HEAVY**

It's true, my littlest minion turned one today.  I'm so excited :)  Happy birthday, Little Miss!

Her birthday cake :)

Happy birthday, Little Miss!

Don't mind my chubby trashy looking self.  Her little Elmo dress we bought her.  It looks ADORABLE.

Her brother helping her unwrap her obligatory loud toy every kid gets once a year.

Read to me, Mommy!

And we got lucky that the Easter Bunny was in the neighborhood.  Her name was Zelda :)