Monday, September 26, 2016

Busy, busy, busy.

I haven't been able to update lately, but I've been having some issues that have kept me from updating.  Particularly medical testing and all that fun stuff.

I have Crohn's and so naturally I have a crap ton of things I have to do when something (ANYTHING) seems even a little bit off with my body.  I've been in and out of doctors' offices for the last month which has put a huge damper on my exercising because I just don't have the time.  Hopefully the next couple weeks are finally it for me.


Enough about that.  I started a mystery crochet afghan and I picked all the colors not realizing the way they would come together.  So now it looks like about halfway through my crocheting I forgot what I was making and started something new.  What I mean is that my blanket went from earth tones to a random few pastel rounds.  It's...not very lovely lol

Here's the pictures I took for the blog but never got around to uploading:

Page 1 of pattern

Page 2 of pattern

Page 3 of pattern

Page 4 of pattern

Page 5 of pattern (see what I meant?)

Page 6 of pattern

I'm really hoping that I get some darker colors back on it soon.  The pastel rounds are actually really pretty and if I had known how the colors would line up, I think I would have done all pastels because I love the way it looks.  I'm working on the 7th page right now and it's more pastel.  We'll see.  I am having fun making this, even if I don't particularly like the colors.

Okay, I'm probably not going to be on much for a while again because I'm going through this wonderful battery of tests over the next few months and I start physical therapy next month.  Life just kicks your butt sometimes, yeah?

Happy stitching, everyone!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Long time no post!

I haven't really been on very much because I'm, well, I'm a bit forgetful.  Some updates:

1.  Still working on the baby blanket.  I actually frogged the whole thing and started over because it kept curling.  No pictures because I don't want the recipient to see it.

2.  Just finished up my second race.  This one was a Woodstock themed one!

The medal is HUGE.  It's roughly 3 1/2 inches in diameter.  Really large.  When I got it out of my mailbox this afternoon, I couldn't believe how heavy this thing was!

I'm starting another race on payday.  This one's The Race to Oz and it's based on the yellow brick road.  I'm excited to start this next one!

Mmkay...on to other things.  My son started school this year.  I'm so bored all day without him because he was the lively one in the house.  So now that it's just my daughter and I all day.  We've been trying new things together.  She's been learning how to bake, we've been coloring together, going to the playground, etc.  With my son not home, the house stays cleaner, so I haven't got as much to do during the day.

We've also been using the white board in the living room to draw a Pokemon a day.

Hmm...anything else?  Not that I can think of.  Happy stitching, everyone!