Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Been Three Years

Well, there are no stitchings today.  I have been doing a lot of running around the last couple days.  I'll be doing a lot of running around tomorrow and the next day as well.  My dog is getting spayed, poor thing!  She goes in tomorrow for blood work and weighing in for anesthesia and then she goes in the next day for the actual surgery.  If it weren't for living on post, I would never get her fixed.  She's a purebred German Shepherd and I just...I would love for her to have at least a litter of puppies, but from my understanding it's illegal to sell puppies on post.

Off that subject, because I feel bad for my baby having to go under the knife...

So, it's been three years since I had contact lenses.  My husband had been saving money behind my back and bought me a year supply of my lenses.  I guess sometimes he really DOES think about me, right ;)  He even took my car away and got it fixed for me.  So...I guess I learned that he IS capable of saving money!  Lol, he's usually a spender and he knows I'm joking :)

Alright, this was just a quick update and then running away.  Time for dinner!  Happy stitching, everyone, and wish my GSD luck with her spaying!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Don't You Go To the Doctor?

I wonder how many times I have to say that to my husband?  He's been coughing up a lung for the last week or so.  Now, he's throwing up, which says that he's getting worse.  So...WHY WON'T HE GO TO THE DOCTOR?  Men are such babies when they get sick and it's very frustrating.

Anyway, not much new going on here, I have been stitching like crazy since last night but this freakin' Bambi is just so slow going for some reason.  So it looks like there's almost no progress.  I am loving this kit though.  It's looking so adorable already and I'm not even that far into it!  I didn't know there was a Thomas Kinkade Little Mermaid kit.  I might have to buy that one next.  If you're interested (not like anyone reads anyway) I bought Bambi's First year from Hobby Lobby, but all of the Disney Dreams Collection kits are HERE.  My favorite kit is the Lion King one...I have never seen it anywhere but that site, so if you want it and you happen to see it, pick it up because you never know when you'll see it again!

WIP of Bambi's First Year (it's not much, but it's random lol)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

In a Fog Today

I'm very exhausted today and I'm not sure why.  I haven't really done anything because I feel like I'm in a dream world.  I did have a doctor's appointment today and I was fine until just after that.  Maybe I am getting sick and my body hasn't realized it other than the sleepiness.  You know, that IS a possibility.  I tend to be sleepy the couple days before I get sick and my husband is sick right now, so...

I swear to God if I catch whatever he has I'm punching him.

Anyway, I am proud of myself because today I cleaned the crap out of my living room.  I even busted out the steam cleaner.  That NEVER happens.  I must be nesting.

My stitching has been going well.  I would take a picture, but my phone appears to be missing right now.  Bambi's the biggest project I've ever done and I think I'm a little intimidated by it so it's taking me a bit longer.

Time to go to bed.  I guess I better rest while I can before I end up sick like my husband.  Hopefully I don't wake up sick.  Good night and happy stitching :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Starting a New Project

I have recently picked up a new cross stitch kit that I'd never seen before.  I'm well behind the times, I'm sure.  I have picked up "Bambi's First Year" which is a Thomas Kinkade piece.  It's a very beautiful cross stitch kit and when I saw it at Hobby Lobby, I knew I had to pick it up and stitch it for my son's room.  I have a random WIP of this one (as I've started it about 3 or 4 days ago) so I'm going to upload it.

Forgive the poor quality, my phone has been acting strange since my toddler got a hold of it and I have no other camera.  The color is a lot off as well, for some reason---it appears very dark.

Not much else has been going on in my life.  My puppy that I got is all grown up and is now a full sized German Shepherd, my pug hates her guts, my son is getting big, and I'm about a month away from giving birth to my daughter.  My daughter's birth was the reason I needed to make sure Chibi Moon was finished.  She's to be cleaned, pressed, and framed to go above her crib.

I leave you with that random WIP and my ramblings.  Have a fantastic day :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Thief's Account Has Been Suspended

Yes, the title says it all!  Yesterday I posted about a woman stealing patterns from many people and now her account (the website where she sells "her" works) is suspended.  In other words, "WE'RE WINNING."  This girl had some serious balls thinking she could get away with it!  Thank God everyone else got involved, too!  Fantastic.  I love it.  Her website is suspended and it's all because everyone knew their legal rights and went through the proper channels.  Just let the DMCA take care of it :)

Anyway, I haven't been stitching the last couple days because I got into this book I'm reading and so now I keep getting kind of...torn between the two.  I'm reading The Legend of Sigmar.  My husband got me the three Omnibus Edition books from the series (The Legend of Sigmar, The Rise of Nagash, and The Sundering) for Valentine's Day.  I read a lot of fantasy and medieval war novels, and these are kind of a mix of both, I guess.  I've got a lot of reading ahead of me though because each one of those books is over a thousand pages long.

Maybe I'll alternate days.  Today I'll read, tomorrow I'll stitch.  I don't know, I'm just too happy about that woman's site being taken down lol.  Fantastic work, everyone who got involved (not like anyone reads my blog anyway!  haha).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thievery is a really unbecoming action

So I'm part of a forum that exchanges cross stitching patterns and we help each other out with advice and tips.  Well, some woman named Dixie Champoux decided that she would take it upon herself to make money off everyone's patterns and ideas, you know, since we weren't willing to make money on them.  She didn't ask permission, she didn't credit, and she's making at least 5 bucks off each pattern.  I only have 2 on her site, but several people have many patterns.  Our efforts to try to shut her down have deleted her facebook, her pinterest, and her etsy account.  I'm not sure what else we've dug our claws into, but as long as we can deter traffic from her site until she either gives us credit or removes our artwork, I'm happy with the progress.  One of the patterns on her site that she took from me was one that I had featured on here even!  You know, the Sailor Chibi Moon I've been working on forever?  Yeah, that one.  Every time I post to her site, "This is my artwork, please take it down," she removes it and ignores it.  It's only a matter of time, though.  I've filed copyright complaints with Google already because she has a Google+ account and she links to my artwork that she's selling illegally.

On another note (enough about thieving wieners), I finally finished Sailor Chibi Moon, but...I finished her almost a week ago lol.  I've already started my Bambi's First Year kit.  It's funny because I'm very much a novice when it comes to cross stitching and I decided, "All THAT out the window, let's do the biggest, hardest kit I can find!"  But I'm crazy like that :)  Anyway, a much awaited finished product of MY Sailor Chibi Moon pattern that SOME WIENER STOLE FROM ME AND IS SELLING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

And the back of it:

Well, she took forever, but she looks really good.  All I have to do is clean and press her and then frame her for my daughter's nursery :)  I'm in the middle of creating a custom Sailor Ophelia for when she's here so that she has a sailor scout that's completely original and just for her.  No one else will have her unless some WIENER STEALS MY PATTERN AGAIN!  I'm creating a watermark that I'm going to start adding to my PDF's before I post them for everyone to use.  I figure it's hard to remove a watermark from the artwork and it makes it so that if someone else uses it, it's a lot easier to identify.  With that, I'm going to bed.