Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So there's this thing that I'm hearing about in the military community called "Jody." I don't know how I've been a military wife for 4 years and never heard the term.  A "Jody" is someone who waits until a soldier is deployed or on TDY and then sleeps with their spouse.  Now...I'm sure this isn't new to the military and I'm certain it's been happening for a LOOOOOONG time, but how hard is it to wait?

Maybe I just don't get it because it's something I would never do.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Okay, so my daughter's new favorite song is Timber by Pitbull feat. Ke$ha.  I'm not really a fan of either of them, but watching my 10 month old dance to this song makes it okay.


I live on a military installation.  Well, if you live on a military installation, you're not allowed to breed and sell puppies for money.  At all.  Ever.  Period.  There is a woman here on post who does just that.  She takes in puppies and dogs until they've been impregnated, then she sells them off once the puppies are old enough.  Then she sells the puppies.  Rinse, repeat.

In other words, she's running a backyard puppy mill in post housing which is a big no-no.  Overall, I wouldn't really think anything of it except for the fact that she beats and starves these dogs.  She sells them for a high price, but never has their first shots.  Basically she's selling puppies for a high price without actually doing any work with them.  She's had many a puppy die in her care because of this.

This same woman also begs for free food, clothing, furniture, etc on Facebook and then turns around and sells it.  She claims she does it because her family is poor, but from what I've experienced, her and her husband are scum bags.  Neither of them are very nice people.

They have been stalking and threatening people, as well.  Threatening with harm and destruction of private property.

There is a Facebook page called OSMW (stands for Overly Sensitive Military Wives) and they have been given a bunch of information on this couple.  So now, OSMW has researched, found documentation, and sent the information that they've found along to the right people to hopefully have this woman investigated.  I really hope that something is done because no animals deserve to be beaten and starved.  It's just sad all the way around.

I'm off to go watch The Office (U.S.) with my husband.  I'll update on this situation if I find out more, which is really unlikely.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Toys I Got!

Okay, so I've been neglecting my stitching the last few days...well, about a week actually.  You'll have to forgive me for that because I got some new toys.  I got this:

That's obviously not an actual picture.  My son is playing with mine right now, so I just snagged a picture off google.

I also got this:  

It's a 70 pound heavy bag with 8 ounce gloves.  My husband ordered it on Valentine's Day for me and I just put it together last night.

So we went out yesterday because my car was in the shop and the closest place that would replace what I needed was in Victorville which is a little less than 2 hours away.  So I decided that since I was in town, I'd stop at Hobby Lobby and well, you know how it is---you start wandering and you find stuff you want.  Well, I limited myself because if I don't set a dollar amount, I'll spend all my money.  So I got this because my daughter picked it out:

I thought it was beautiful!  I haven't stitched anything that needs seed beads stitched on it, so I'm interested to see how well I do with it.

Alright, well, I am going to go and finish my son's birth record. Happy stitching, everybody!

EDIT:  I am out of shape!  I mean...I know I'm overweight, but I didn't realize I was this out of shape.  I went 18 minutes with my heavy bag and feel like my arms are going to fall off!  As I'm typing this, my arms are shaking!  Haha, getting in shape is hard work.  Fun, but hard!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy 75% Off Heart Shaped Candy Day!

Okay, so I'm a day late on posting about Valentine's Day, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

I got a 6 foot teddy bear (yes, it is really that big) and I got -- well, before I tell you, let me just start by saying that anyone who knows me well knows that I am almost never without a vanilla Coke in hand (or on the table next to me).  My husband got me 80 20 oz. bottles of Coke and 7 12-packs.  The 7 12-packs represent the number of years we've been together (7 years obviously) and the 80 20 oz. bottles represented the days since our last anniversary.  So we have been together for 7 years and 80 days (81, now).

This is the picture of my monstrosity:

That bear is propped up against my full size deep freezer, just for size comparison.

I feel like I didn't get my husband enough lol.  I got him a solid chocolate porsche, a "Trophy Husband" shirt, and today I'm making him a bouquet of bacon roses.  I wanted to get him a ps4, but he shot that one down :/  So I did what I could with my "allowance" that I give myself every month.


So I'm almost done with my son's birth record stitch.  I'm working on it now, actually.  It will be done today, with any luck!  So I'm off to go finish that and then start my daughter's birth record.  I just sorted the threads for it last night.

Happy stitching, everyone!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I sincerely wish that I didn't care what people think of me.

Pointless post is pointless.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunny Day Sweepin' the Clouds Away...

...On my way to where the air is sweeeeeet!  Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Streeeeeeeet?

Sorry, my little ones and I have been watching so much Sesame Street lately that I kinda want to punch myself in the face.

My mother sent me this image earlier today:

She asked me if I would like this kit.  Then it dawned on me, This is the kit my mother bought my brother in 1997...

YES, I WANT IT.  This kit is almost 20 years old, of course I wanted it!  So my mom is sending me this kit along with many, many books for my toddler.  My son is signed up for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library, so he gets a new, free age-appropriate book every month.

If you have kids, I HIGHLY suggest you look into it.

That being said, I'm only one more block further into my son's birth record.  I can't wait until it's done.  I'm thinking a light green frame for it?  I found a new kit that I want to buy, but the husband said no because I have too many already.

Ah well, I'll get my  Anyway, happy stitching, everyone.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, I Know I Didn't Post When I Said I Would...

...but in all honesty, no one really reads this anyway ;)

So I signed up for a charity quilt on SpriteStitch.  Here's the square I am going to stitch:

Obviously because of the resize to 96 x 96, it's going to lose a little of the detail, but the pattern I made is detailed enough that you can tell what it is.  I am soooo EXCITED for this.  I have never participated in a forum like I do SpriteStitch.  When I joined, I had created the account just so I could donate to them because I felt bad using their patterns but not contributing and then I just kind of...never stopped coming back lol.  I've even posted 3 of my own patterns on there now (Chibi Moon, Chibi Saturn, and Vincent Valentine).

So I've been working on that Little Explorer Birth Record kit, and here's the WIP several days late!

I have 2 more boxes and the border to do.  It's almost done and then I get to clean and press it.  I haven't found a frame I like yet, but I might wait on that until Ophelia's is done.  Her birth record that I picked up looks like an old time document that says, "Once upon a time a princess was born..." then her name, birthday, and birth weight.  

My husband picked up a kit from Hobby Lobby for me to stitch for Ophelia:

It's um...very far on the queue though.  I have to stitch like 8 or 9 other kits PLUS one of the patterns I made, PLUS I'm embarking on the Epic Pokemon Generation I pattern. might be a while lol

Anyway, I'm off for now, my infant got into my Nutella ;)  Happy stitching, everyone!