Monday, December 23, 2013

Random Hiatus

Hey, so long time no see, right?  Well not much has happened lately except the usual business that comes with celebrating Christmas.  Here's what I've done in the last couple weeks:

1.  I've forced myself to start a routine - I had become extremely lax in my housework and it really dawned on me when my daughter picked something up and was about to put it in her mouth. That something was a crunch berry. I realized how long it had been since I had vacuumed, so I made myself a list of things to do every night and so now it's habit.

2. I've forced myself to go on walks nightly - I am fat. No need for elaboration. I will work out when I'm a little more confident in myself.

3. I've been Christmas shopping.

4. I've been stitching like a mad woman.

Here are the things I've made :)

So, that's it. The first one is a James Sunderland finding the radio a la Legend of Zelda.  He's probably the smallest thing I've ever stitched. Him and the radio combined are about the height of a bobbin.  The other two are Ornaments. I couldn't remember if I'd shared Pluto before, but in case I haven't, here she is!  Sorry, I'm mobile and the app keeps crashing otherwise I'd have checked.

Anyway, I'm off to go deal with my screaming littlest one, so happy stitching, everyone!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

Someone got a hold of my Best Buy credit information.  This person ordered a laptop. A really, really expensive one, and had it sent to my house.

Here's how it went down, from the beginning.

I am sitting on Facebook talking to a friend and my email pops up saying, "Order Confirmation."  I thought to myself, I haven't ordered anything lately.  So, thinking it was probably a spam email, I clicked my inbox.  It was from Best Buy. So, I opened the email. It looked pretty legitimate, so instead of clicking any of the links in the email, I logged into my Best Buy account from the browser and sure enough, there's an order on my record.  So I looked to see what was ordered, thinking maybe my husband bought a movie or something.

It was a laptop.  A really expensive one.

I went to my husband and showed him the email just to double check that he hadn't ordered it. He said that he hadn't and then asked me if I really thought he would be so stupid as to spend that much money without talking to me first.  Then he also asked me if I thought he would ever own another Mac after the fiasco that was our MacBook (remember the exploding battery?).  So I told him that someone must have my information.

I called Best Buy and they said that indeed someone had ordered a laptop. Then she asked me what my address and contact information was.  When I gave it to her, she said, "It's shipping to your house." So I told my husband what she had said. He had the same reaction I did: Someone's watching our house.

So after a lengthy conversation with the customer service representative, and then the fraud department (may I just say, they were absolutely fantastic and understanding), I hung up the phone and felt violated. I went through all my credit cards, my pay pal account, all my personal email accounts and looked for any suspicious activity. Nope, nothing, just Best Buy.

The only thing I could think of is that maybe I left my email logged in at the library (which is really unlike me).

I wish this thief luck in getting to the package before me. I have the tracking number to the laptop, I have already contacted UPS and they have put a signature requirement on it, and not for nothing, but I'm home all the time. Every day.  They ordered this package so that it would show up during block leave...too bad I'm not leaving.

I think I'm more pissed off than anything else.