Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hyrule Warriors

Definitely a keeper.  The graphics are great.  The characters are beautiful.'s really a fun game.  I like Dynasty Warriors, too, so I figured I'd like this because it's got Legend of Zelda characters.  I have been playing it all day...except for now.  I stepped away from the TV for a minute and my husband hopped on and started playing Battlefield (sarcastic yaaaaaaaayyyyyy...).

So, I updated yesterday(?) or the day before about having another home inspection which was sprung on me less than 8 hours before it was supposed to happen.  Well, guess what!  They didn't show.  Again.  That would make four times they've said, "Have your house ready, we're doing an inspection."  No one showed to any of my home inspections.  I had to say no to going out with friends yesterday, I had to re-re-REschedule (because of previous inspections) a doctor's appointment, and I didn't get to go grocery shopping all day because I had to wait on these people that never showed up.

The thing that bugs me most is the doctor's appointment.  I now have to wait another month to see the doctor.  For a referral for CONTINUED treatment.  I haven't been able to see my doctor since March because of the constant rescheduling.  It's frustrating, to say the least.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm extremely annoyed.  I don't mind the home inspections, I just mind having my time wasted.

I have a WIP!  I am so close to having finished the outermost circle of the umbrella in this thing.  I feel like it's taking me forever, but I looked up when I started it and I'm only two weeks into my project and it usually takes me a month to three months for each one.  Rambling...sorry...

So close, right?  I have to finish that little white spot at the bottom and then do the back stitching...then I have to do the rest of the pattern lol

On to LoZ 30-day photo if you don't want to read on, then happy stitching, everyone!  But if you DO want to continue on, here's day 8, 9, 10, and 11!

Day 8 - Legend of Zelda items owned in real life
All of the games, and some trinkets

I have bought and played just about every single Legend of Zelda game that has ever come out (haven't played the Tingle game and haven't played the PC game)  I have a charm dangling from my gameboy of that exact pose that is in the picture I shared.  I've been a fan of Legend of Zelda since I was a little kid and I still love them to this day.  By far my favorite video game series.

Day 9 - Easiest Boss Battle
Morpha (Ocarina of Time)

The first time I ever played this game I accidentally figured out that if you hook shot the little glob thing, you can trap it in a corner and then it's a hack and slash until it dies.  Seriously took me no time at all and for as hard as great as the water temple was, the boss was lacking.

Day 10 - Hardest Boss Battle
Moldorm (A Link to the Past)

Okay, I know.  Moldorm wasn't hard...BUT...and hear me out:  Staying on that God forsaken platform was the most annoying thing ever!  I hated it!  I hated falling off of that thing.  I suck at video games and him with his bumper cars head frustrated the crap out of me!  The close second to this boss would have been Head Thwomp from Oracle of Ages.

Day 11 - What do you name your character?

Creative, right?  I'm lame, what can I say?  I do the same thing in every game.  If it asks, I always name the character whatever their name is actually supposed to be.

ALRIGHT!  All caught up!  Time to go play some Hyrule Warriors and then go to bed since it's already after midnight...Happy stitching, everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quick Post

No WIP, no update, no LoZ photos today because I have a home inspection tomorrow that they sprung on me.  Even though my house is clean, now I have to do all the little things expected of a white-glove.  They have never shown up for ANY of my previous white-glove inspections, but I figure I had better be ready.

Tomorrow I should have a WIP or an update, or SOMETHING for y'all.  Happy stitching, everyone!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A small personal note.

I didn't know this, but apparently my blog is good therapy.  My therapist wants the website, but told me I don't have to give it to him.  I haven't decided yet.

I recently started seeing a therapist for depression because I am not happy anymore.  I haven't been for a couple years, but I finally got pushed to go to therapy because my doctor's office does a mental well being survey on random patients.  Apparently I tested very high for depression.  At first I was embarrassed, but now that I've been going for a couple weeks I'm kind of grateful that I was sent for a consultation.

My husband is very, very supportive which is nice.  I'm hoping that this helps me.  I'm going to be on antidepressants and that scares me a bit because it's not something I've ever really thought about taking.  I've read the side effects.  I've seen the difference in my own family members though, so I'm hoping I have as good a reaction as they have.

Off of that, I just wanted to get that out for some reason.

My son is no longer getting nap time which has worked wonders for his attitude.  Now he gets a three hour quiet time where we read together or for whatever reason, he likes to watch me stitch.  He even said to me today, "I want to take a nap," and went to bed for an hour.  I'm so happy he's happy with this new arrangement.  I know three is probably too old to force him to nap, but I wasn't ready to give up on him being my baby.

I have no WIP today, but I will DEFINITELY have one tomorrow!  The outermost part of the umbrella is almost done.  It will probably be done tonight.

Day 7 - Your favorite Link
Twilight Princess

When I first saw the artwork for this game, I thought it was so beautiful.  The day I found out about its existence, I preordered it.  I didn't even own a Wii.  I had the game three months before I ever owned a Wii system just so I could have it.  I knew nothing about the game other than what the characters looked like.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Loot Crate September 2014

Day 6 - Your favorite item
The hookshot (any game)

Hook shot, claw shot, whatever it goes by.  I adore this thing!  My favorite item and I would kill to have one in real life.  My favorite thing to do with it is in Twilight Princess.  If you hook shot to the ceiling and then drop down a little bit, it's funny to just make him spin around in circles.  Stupid, but it's funny.

Alright, alright, so today is Loot Crate day!

This month's theme is Galactic!

So what's the first thing YOU noticed?  For me it was that Tribble!  My husband laughed at my very audible squee of excitement when I opened the box.  That's not even my favorite item in the whole box, but it's definitely a close second!


OMG SERENITY!  Yes, that is definitely the inside of Serenity!  I am in love!  I think the box having the theme printed on the inside of it has made these crates so much more fun.  

Here's the haul:

First up, we have a close up of the Tribble and the Funko character box


Mystery Mini!

Look who was inside!

Captain Mal was my little mystery mini!  It's so funny that this would be what I get because I just started watching Firefly again a few days ago.  Love it.  Look how adorable he is.

Speaking of Firefly, look who just got $10,000!  Yeah, must have robbed a bank for that one.  Pop Rocks.  My husband has already decided they are his, so I don't get any.  Do you see the Alien?  I think I am never going to open that package.  I am going to put it up with my Sailor Moon action figure, my Batman Pez collection, and my resin 3D Army of Darkness movie poster.  Gotta keep it pristine!

I got a Halo download code for I believe a comic book.  I haven't cashed it in yet, so I really don't know.  I got an Asteroids and Star Wars mash-up magnet which is awesome as I have a collection on my fridge, now.  And of course the monthly button.  Now for the last item.

It's my favorite.

Are you ready?

It's awesome...

It is a poster of Han Solo.  In carbonite.  I AM SO HAPPY!  This one's getting framed and put in my room. happy!  I have wanted a poster of him like this for a very long time.  I just have to get the creases out and this puppy's on my wall.

Alright, time to go cook dinner.  What a great friggin' haul!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

And so begins the days of no naptime

My son has been rebelling.  A lot.  I think it's because he feels like his sister is taking up all my and my husband's attention.  Here's what he's been doing:

  • Morning - Pees in the drawer of his dresser instead of waking me up to let him into the bathroom (I have thrown the dresser out because of this).
  • Afternoon - Constantly leans out of his door saying, "I have to go pee!" when he's supposed to be napping.
  • Late afternoon - While playing in his room, decides to pee on or in his toys.
  • Evening - Nothing, really.
  • Night - Sneaks out of his room and destroys the bathroom.  Or he will just pee in/on his toys instead of coming and getting me.

So there's what he's been doing.  To make it so he gets some one on one time with me or my husband, we've omitted nap time.  Effective today.  I'm hoping because he gets all of the attention while his sister is sleeping that he will stop rebelling so much.  Ugh...why are boys so hard?

The alarm thing didn't work because OH THAT'S RIGHT it fell off the wall and when I didn't see it, it got smashed between the door and door frame.  The noise, OH GOD THE NOISE.  It sounded vaguely like an alarm...but it sounded more like if someone were strangling a cat and then put the screaming cat underwater.  It was loud...and horrible...but mostly loud.

Off that, I have a WIP!

I feel like I'm not moving that fast through this project as I normally would.  I think that has something to do with the color changes.  It's not a lot of color changes, but it's enough to slow me down a bit.

Legend of Zelda 30-day challenge

Day 4 - Your favorite song
Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)

I love this song.  It is so simple, yet so catchy.  Ocarina of Time came out when I was 10.  I had just bought a stereo system for my room with money I'd saved up from babysitting.  I remember hooking my N64 up to that stereo for the first time and realizing how much better my video game sounded.  One day, I was playing my video game before school.  I was in the Lost Woods, and knowing that the area was a "safe" area (no enemies that would kill me), I turned off my TV so that I could go to school.  The TV was off, but because I had plugged my game into the stereo, the speakers were still playing Saria's Song.  Gave me a bit of pep in my step to get ready for school with Saria's Song playing in the background.

Day 5 - Legend of Zelda love interest
Link (Twilight Princess)

Specifically Twilight Princess Link.  He's so adorable!  There are no actual love interests for me from Legend of Zelda, but he's definitely the best looking out of all of them, so...I guess since I had to pick one, this is it.

Okay, off to start stitching and then check to see whether my son has destroyed the bathroom or not (he's been in there for a few minutes), so happy stitching, everyone.

Friday, September 19, 2014


No WIP today, maybe tomorrow.  I have a ton of work I have to do before I get to stitch.  I haven't really done anything today either.  I'm sure I'll get to stitch tomorrow as it's the weekend and I "take the day off" on Saturdays.

I've been reading A Game of Thrones.  I can't keep going.  I told myself that I would see it through to the end, but I am really struggling.  I can not get into it and I am not finding it interesting in the least bit.  Someone mentioned that it may be because it's not action packed, but I don't think that's it.  I think it's just that for once in my life, a fantasy novel has not captured my attention.  That makes me feel so bad because I feel like I'm letting my fellow geeks down!  It's weird.  I keep feeling like I should like it and that maybe I'm missing something, but I can't get into it.

The thing I really don't understand is that I usually love those kinds of television shows and I can't even get into that.  I think A Game of Thrones is just not for me.  I can see how others like it and I don't fault anyone for liking what they do, but I am just not interested.  So sad because I kind of feel like I'm missing out, but again, I can't do it.

My husband told me to put it away for a year or so and come back to it.  It's what I had to do with the Harry Potter movies.  I only just saw year four through seven for the first time a couple weeks ago.  On that, it's because I have a very, very hard time separating the movie and book as two entities.  I sit there and say, "Oh, that wasn't in the movie," or, "Why'd they leave that out?"  And then I can't see the movie for what it is.

I'm rambling, as always.  Anyway, here's the photo challenge.  Days 2 & 3:

LoZ photo challenge day 2 - Favorite character
Midna (Twilight Princess)

Midna is actually one of the least annoying companions in the Legend of Zelda series.  I would say that Tatl (Majora's Mask) was a close second for this, but Midna wins out because she had the most interesting back story.  The fallen queen of the other realm, what's not to love?  She was intelligent, witty, and not as disruptive as the other partners you get (see: Navi and Fi).

Loz photo challenge day 3 - Favorite Villain
Twinrova (Ocarina of Time)

Two witches, Koume and Kotake, are united in their desperation to defeat the hero Link.  The fire and ice idea has always been one that I love and in this case they were working together.  Twinrova has been my favorite villain since I saw her in Ocarina of Time.  I have only recently played Oracle of Ages and she was a boss in that game as well.  She did not disappoint.  Very cool (hot?) enemy.

Alright, that's all.  I'm going to go take a shower and then maybe stitch for the last hour that I'm awake...and this Harry Potter talk has me itching to read it, so maybe I'll ditch A Game of Thrones for Harry Potter.  Happy stitching (and if you're reading: happy reading!), everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And then there were sirens...

I'm evil.  Just plain evil.

My son does not like loud noises at all.  Not even a little bit (relevant, just wait!).  He's recently been sneaking out of his room to go destroy the bathroom with various things he finds either under the sink or in the cabinet.  Today's debacle included hair dye and Aqua Velva!  My bathroom smelled interesting, to say the least.  And miraculously he only dumped the hair dye in the sink

I bought one of those magnet sirens for his bedroom door.  This one, to be exact.  Let me tell YOU!!  We tested it out before adding it to his door and it is LOUD.  I'm hoping that we only need to use it for a couple days to drive the point home that he shouldn't be leaving his room, but whatever.

Today my son and I baked a loaf of cinnamon sugar bread.  It tastes like cake instead of bread.  The kids love it.  I'm happy with it and my son really enjoyed helping to make it.  I measured everything and he added it to the bowl.  At one point he stuck the spoon into the flour, thinking it was sugar, and took a big old bite.  He was not very happy about that.  The face was priceless because I said, "Was it good?" and he just looked at me like I tricked him.

After our baking, I took a picture of him with his loaf of bread

Sorry he's in his undies.  My kids just do NOT like to be dressed for whatever reason.  They're fine when we go out, but as soon as we're home, my living room looks like their closet exploded because they both strip to their drawers and go about their day.  Goofballs.  

My sister sent me a new 30-day photo challenge she said she wants me to do, so I'm going to do it on here.  I don't update every day, but I will post "catch-ups." for when I miss days.  So, without further adieu, here is the 30-day Legend of Zelda photo challenge!

(not sure where she got this image from)

Day 1
Favorite Legend of Zelda Game

(not my photo, snagged from DA)

Majora's Mask.  I didn't even have to think about this one.  No matter what I do, no matter what Legend of Zelda game I play, this one is always the one that has stuck with me.  The characters were more interesting, the story was more fun, and this is one of the hardest Legend of Zelda games I've ever played.  The fact that the game only had four temples but still managed to be a full length game that took time and effort made me love it even more.  Also, I loved how creepy it was compared to other games.  Twilight Princess kind of touched on the creepy aesthetic, but not as much as Majora's Mask.  The entire game just had a different feel than any other in the entire series.

WOO That was long winded!

I'm off to go stitch on my Geisha a bit.  Happy stitching, everyone!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Darn you, Blogger!

So I used my blogger app for the first time yesterday to post a blog update and lo and behold!   It isn't here.  Not even as a draft.  Darn you, Blogger!

No big deal, it wasn't a long one.

Yesterday was so stressful for some reason.  I don't know what was going on in my house, but I just was ready to call it quits.  I ended up putting my kids to bed an hour early and just sat and stitched.  "Stitching therapy" really seems to make me feel better.  Might have to tell my shrink.........

The worst thing that happened yesterday was that my son, when he was supposed to be napping, sneaked out of his room and into the bathroom.  I didn't know he was in there, but I sure found out when I had to use the bathroom.  He was standing in the bathroom with my toothbrush in his mouth, my body wash was dumped all over the bath tub (easy clean up), the mirror had MY foundation painted all over it, and he was covered head to toe in my very expensive makeup.

Notice the pattern of items?  They were all mine.  I think him and Mommy need to go spend more time together.  I'm thinking of taking him to the park and then taking him for snow cones.  I figure he's acting out like that because he wants attention so I need to make some time for the poor kid.

Well, off that, I have a WIP from all the stitching I did yesterday.

Haha, didn't realize my Snapple was in the picture.  Ah well, stitching fuel, you know?  So what we have here is the start of the umbrella in my Geisha.  This is a Joan Elliot kit from Design Works.  Like all my other Design Works kits, the pattern is printed super small.  I have to check, double check, and then triple check to make sure that I'm seeing the right symbol because they're so small.  It's a bit annoying because they use symbols that are similar.  When you have bad eyesight and a tiny print pattern, a black heart and a black triangle look pretty much the same.

Alright, I'm done complaining!  I have to pay my bills and then go grocery shopping, so I'm off.  Happy stitching, everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2014

New WIP and other stuff

I am supposed to be working on my gigantic peacock kit, but I am at a point where my canvas is too awkward to hold.  It doesn't help that it's too heavy.  It worked for when I was doing the pages that dealt with the top rows, but now that I'm toward the bottom it's too much for my carpal tunnel to handle.  That being said, I am getting a q-snap floor stand so that I can just set that up.  Hopefully that helps.

I have a WIP of my "in the meantime" project!  I always use the random item picker website to choose what kit or pattern I do next and the picker chose this one:

I was in Hobby Lobby one day and I couldn't decide between this one and the frog one I was looking at, so I let my daughter pick and she chose this one.  That's how it ended up in my collection.  So this is the one I'm stitching while I wait for my q-snap.  This is as far as I got today:

Does not look like much.  I've never done beading before, so this should be interesting!  

My son begged me to download an app on my iPad called "Corpse Cam."  I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the name, but after reading reviews and seeing what the app was, I downloaded it for him.  We have been having some fun with that!  First we took a picture of my daughter and this is the mask he chose for her:

Terrifying, right?  I thought so...  My daughter on the other hand bursts into giggles whenever she sees this picture.  Something funny about it, I guess.

The mask he picked for himself:

He looks like a little bad boy lol

And then last, but not least, the mask he picked for me -_-

Alright, I'm watching Planes with the Minions, so I guess I should go spend time with them.  Happy stitching, everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

White Glove

Ah, the most annoying part of being a military wife: the white glove home inspection. I have one tomorrow morning. Thank God I keep up on my house and only have to wipe baseboards and windows :)  I'm procrastinating doing it, though.

My friend's son has his birthday party today, so I looking forward to that.

Nothing exciting has happened other than my husband's chain of command took action towards finding whoever broke into the house. There's an investigation going on right now and we weren't the only ones who had it happen like that (coming in through the second floor balcony). So it's someone targeting the second floor specifically for some reason.  That's scary.

Off to play Oracle of Ages and then clean...eventually...I gotta work on my peacock some, too.  So much to do!  Happy stitching, everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Two days without incident

The most recent break in has caused me to take some serious measures. I have changed my front and back door locks so that housing does NOT have a master key, added chain locks to both doors, AND added bolt locks.  My doors remind me of the doors you see when someone on TV happens across a nutter or the little old lady shut-in (much closer to my personality to be honest). I bought bolt locks for my sliding glass doors, too. We also purchased a fireproof safe. I just ordered a night vision security camera set to keep an eye on the house.

I slept in my daughter's room two nights ago and could hear commotion and voices on my balcony. Nothing came of it other than another police report with an MP who acted like he could care less.

Even with that, though, I've been feeling better now with our improved locking system. I definitely slept better last night.

On to happier things...

My daughter is beginning to say words! Today she said, "Ouch!" and, "Tank ewe." She was mimicking her brother when she said those things. I have also noticed she's constantly burying her nose in books. She is obsessive about them lately and has to have a book with her in her crib when she goes to bed even though she sleeps in complete darkness.

My little Belle in training, it seems lol

I have not been stitching much as I'm addicted to Oracle of Ages.  I remember playing it as a kid and found it on the Nintendo e-shop.  I have still been stitching though...just slowly.  And only when my game boy dies.  And if I'm watching Fringe.  Requirements have to be met, y'know?

Alright, it's way after midnight and I'm about to finally start reading A Game of Thrones (I'm late, I know). So goodnight and happy stitching, everyone.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Warning: Paranoid Ranting

I'm going to sound like a raving lunatic, but here goes anyway.

The first time we had a break in, there were obvious marks where they forced their way into the house.  The last three times there is no sign of forced entry.

Here's why I feel like I'm going crazy.  Every few days my house looks like someone's gone through it.  Stuff will be moved around, random dirty dishes that we didn't use, and small nonsense items will be missing.  Example:  I took the kids on a walk yesterday and when I came back, my violin was sitting in the middle of the floor when it was stored in the closet.  My husband's theory is that someone's casing our house.

I think someone's been in the house many, many times since we've lived here.  I have two dogs and neither of them barked the last two times we were burglarized.  That tells me that whoever it is has been here enough to get to know them and that is terrifying.

I sound paranoid, I know, but when it's happened so many times...I start to feel that way.

Here's the real kicker.  The head of maintenance here has a master key to every single house on post.  The maintenance workers are allowed to go into your house without your permission whenever they want.  It's part of the lease agreement because if there's a gas leak or something, they need to be able to access your house.  The man who holds the master key to every house is a convicted felon who was dishonorably discharged from the military for stealing assault rifles.  The look-up of this man's name confirmed that.

How are we supposed to feel safe?

Last night four cars had their windows smashed and stuff taken and one car had all four tires slashed.  This place is a mad house.  Thank God my husband is PCS-ing soon so that we don't have to live here anymore.  Everyone tells me not to let this post paint my picture of the military, so I'm holding out hope that it can only get better from here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Four Times in Three Years

I have lived at this address for two and a half years.  I have not liked this place at all since being here.  Though, I am probably biased as this is the first time I've ever been so far from home.  The first night I spent here was spent crying my eyes out and wishing I was back home.  It wasn't that I was unhappy living with my husband, it was that was unhappy living with my husband here.

This is the worst place I've ever lived.  Ever.  I have had my house broken into four times in the three years I've lived here.  They must be messing with me because the first two times all they did was move stuff around.  The third time they moved stuff around our house AND took some of my husband's military gear.  This last time, they moved stuff around plus took around $200 cash.

Because of them moving stuff around each time, I feel like I'm going insane.  This last time, the stolen cash was in my infant daughter's room and I am so disgusted that I was sleeping in the next room and heard nothing.  I feel sick knowing what COULD have happened.  I will be sleeping with one eye open tonight, if I sleep at all.



Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE (with extra, extra emphasis on "love") Silent Hill.  I adore the puzzles, I love the fear, and the enemies make me so happy.  I mean, come on, Silent Hill 2's Mannequin (the leg monster) is still one of my favorite enemies to date in any game.

That being said, HAVE YOU TRIED THE DEMO!!??  I downloaded and played it a week ago, but I never wrote about it and figured now's as good a time as ever.

There's a demo on PS4 called "P.T." and it was so awesome!  It had all the right creepy moments and jump scares that bring you to Silent Hill in the first place.  I can not wait until the actual game comes out in 2016!  I will definitely be pre-ordering it as soon as I can.  I would tell you what the demo entails, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone.  Just...just play it.  It was amazingly creepy!  If the demo is an indication of what the actual gameplay is going to be like, I know I'm going to love it.  Not for nothing, but Norman Reedus is in it, so...y'know.  Walking Dead and what-not.

Off of that, I have a WIP!  Actually, my daughter's birth record is DONE!!

Alright, I'm off to bed because it's after midnight and I realized I've spent my night stitching.  Time for bed.

Happy stitching, everyone.