Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Back on the wagon.

I have been "yoyo dieting" for the last six or so months.  Well, actually only the last 2 months.  Pretty much just since my husband came home.  I was doing really well, no skimping on my diet, no cheating, no eating anything bad for me, and even losing 24 pounds.  Now that my husband's home, it's SO easy to fall back into old eating habits because the food that I should avoid is there and it's always available because he refuses to eat like me.  Not an excuse, explanation?

Anyway, so I have recently jumped head first back into my way of eating because I noticed that I've gained back 5 pounds and that's a big no no for me.  I was pre-diabetic and definitely don't want to keep heading that way.  The doctor said that a healthy weight for me is between 110 and 125.  Without saying how much I weigh, I will just say that I have a ways to go haha!

I'm starting to feel bad about myself, too.  I know that it comes from eating crap all the time instead of the healthy alternatives that I was eating.  I guess I need to put on my big girl pants and learn to say no when that delicious food that's terrible for me is available.

Okay, off that.  I am still diligently working on my Bold Blues blanket.  I am sewing the last 12 squares on it and then working the border and it will be done!

I saw some cross stitching work and decided that I need to start stitching again.  I really loved doing it and it was very calming for me.  I think tonight I will put on a TV show and just stitch until I'm ready for bed.  My Geisha needs some love, after all.

No pictures today, but maybe some pictures tomorrow or the next day depending on when I finish my throw or how much progress I make on my stitching.  I'm off to go finish cooking dinner.  Happy stitching, everyone!


I did make something that I totally forgot to share!  I am making my husband an Easter basket in secret and I just finished a Yoshi egg pouch to add to it!

It isn't much, it's a basic pouch pattern and I used my general crochet knowledge to make little circles to make the spots.  Took me roughly an hour to make all the pieces and stitch it together.  It's stuffed to the brim with atomic fireballs in the picture, so don't mind its lumpiness.  He's getting a Yoshi amigurumi to go along with this stuff in his basket.  Sadly I think I spent more time on his basket than I did the kids' this year!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Don't care, don't care, don't care.

So many political posts on Facebook!  I get it, it's an election year and I get that people are flexing their right to an opinion, but my goodness!  Enough is enough!  I have seen a meme that very much shows exactly how I feel right now:

Excuse the grammar on the meme as I didn't make it, I just saw it.  Anyway, I'm just kind of ranting right now because I have friends who keep trying to drag me into political discussions and then belittle me when I want nothing to do with it.  I don't post anything regarding my political views because I like not having conflict, but it seems that somehow I'm being labeled as "ignorant" for not wanting to engage.

I don't get it.  If I did engage, then I would be ignorant as well.  Politics really bring out the worst in people.

Sorry, I'm kind of venting and a little frustrated that my friends seem to think we can only be friends if we're discussing politics.  When I politely decline by saying, "No thank you, I would like to keep my views to myself," (literally what I say every time I'm asked, even if I agree with them) I get berated or "Oh, you must be a such and such supporter."  Never fails.

So, since I know a lot of people seem to have this same issue as me, here's something cool.  Check this out!  

Thanks for listening to my vent that was really just a bunch of frustration and nonsense...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I forgot to edit

I posted yesterday?  The day before?  Something like that saying that I would add a picture of the square for the Moogly CAL.  I forgot to come back and edit the post with the image, so here's an image of that AND an image of the new blanket I'm working on.

First, here's the square for Moogly:

This is probably my favorite square so far for the CAL.  I loved making this one and it ended up being a really cute square.  I might have to make a blanket out of just this one with different colors.  Very fun to make.

Mmkay, here's the new blanket I'm working on:

Look familiar?  It should!  This is actually a picture I took this time last year when I made the first square of the blanket.  Now I've got all 7 of that square done and I'm almost done with the next 6 of the second square.  This is the Bold Blues Throw and it looks way prettier in person than the image shows.

Okay, I have to break up a sibling fight right now because my kids are at that age where fighting is pretty much all they do.  Happy stitching, everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Yay, I'm back!

We moved into our new house and just got our internet hooked up today.  Now I can finally start really working on my projects again.........after I finish unpacking all the boxes.

So a bit of sad news:  Sophie has been put into the land of unfinished WIPs.  I have one more round on it before the blanket is done, but I don't have the color I need.  I don't know the area well enough to know where a Hobby Lobby is and I haven't got a mailbox set up to order it.  Basically I'm being super picky on what color I use for my border.

So in the mean time I'm working on the Moogly 2016 CAL.  I just started square 5 a few minutes ago and will probably edit with some pictures later.

This was mostly a "hey I'm still alive" kind of post.  Happy stitching, everyone!