Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello, Everyone!

I guess I'm going to use this first post to introduce myself.  My name is Kari, my nickname is Kawwii (Keh-wee, which is basically baby talk for my name), I'm extremely odd.  I'm socially awkward and really don't make friends easy.  My husband is in the United States Army and we recently--actually it was like five months ago--moved to Fort Irwin and I still haven't really met anyone.  It's very lonely and so I live for my son, which makes things a little bit worse because then when I actually meet people, I have nothing to talk to them about other than my son...or my cross stitching.

Fun fact: My son was born on my birthday.

I have a dog who irritates me to no end, but he's my baby, so I wouldn't have him any other way.  My son and my dog are best friends.  I've never seen my dog cling to anyone besides me until my son came along.  I have a cat with QUITE the personality.  I don't know what her deal is.  She's extremely vocal and she'll tell you how it is.  She loves me and doesn't leave me alone (I think it's because I'm allergic to her haha).  I love my little family.  I love my husband, my son, and my fur babies.

I suppose that's all I am going to say about myself right now.  I don't really know what else to write.  I'm sure I'll write more about myself as I go!  Onto...well...I guess onto my actual blog for the day, short and sweet, I think.

I'm very new to Cross Stitching, having only discovered it recently, and I have found it to be relaxing and I will say that I love having something that takes my mind off of things.  My husband is relieved that I have something to do all day to keep myself from going insane.  The only thing making this hard on me is that my son has decided that I need to pay ALL my attention to him (which I really don't mind), so a lot of times he takes my thread bin and runs away with it.

I can take a hint :)

I've recently started making my own patterns for stitching as well.  I am not very good at it yet, but practice makes perfect.  I am having a hard time making my bigger images into smaller patterns.  I suppose I just have to keep working on it.

My cross stitch that I am working on is Vincent Valentine.  My son's name is Vincent and that was where I got the idea for the cross stitch.  I still have to go to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of my threads.  I live thirty miles from the nearest town, so when I go out, I wait until I have a whole list of things and I try to make a day of it.

This is the Vincent Valentine:

I am making that to go over my son's changing table.

Okay, I think that's all for now.  I think it's bed time :)  Sleep well everyone!

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