Friday, February 5, 2016

I am a Pegasister

I don't know how it happened.  One day out of the blue I actually paid attention to an episode of My Little Pony and now I'm hooked. My daughter watches it and is obsessed with Pinkie Pie, but for me it was just background noise for crochet.  Not anymore. No, sadly I have even gone so far as to buy a Rarity (she's my favorite) for myself.

Anyway, so that's going on right now.

I just got an Ellipsis 8 tablet. Do NOT recommend. It's very apparent as to why the store gave it to us for free. Two of them even!  A few things: it's extremely slow.  My first gen iPad is faster than this brand new fresh out of the box paper weight.  The touch screen has a mind of its own.  It randomly flips through pages and scrolls and acts like it's possessed. Then when I am actually touching the screen it won't respond at all sometimes.  The battery life is pretty awesome though!

I'm actually posting this from the slow, annoying tablet. I'm not sure how the blogger app works, but I attached a photo of my Sophie's Universe progress. Hopefully it actually works.  If not I will just go to the actual website and fix it.

Anyway, this whole not having a computer and relying on a terrible tablet thing is frustrating me, so I am going to just say happy stitching and be off.


Yeah, the Blogger app is garbage.

Anyway, here's a picture of Sophie's Universe page 19:

It's really hard to lay it out on tile while your cat is constantly diving into it and sliding it all over the place. Not even a second after the picture was taken, she dove into it and slid it into the couch.

I also have the first two squares of the Moogly 2016 CAL finished:

Block number 1

Block number 2

I think the third block is available, but I haven't checked yet. Okay, now that I've updated you on my projects, I'm off because I am about to throw my tablet across the room. I need to go buy a new computer...


  1. Oh no! Did your computer die? I know how icky it is to not have a computer to use. My day job is tech support for a computer manufacturer, so I understand!
    That blanket looks awesome!

    1. My computer is one that I've had for a while. It got to a point that I'd been putting so much money into fixing it that it is worth it to just buy a new one. The screen went out most recently, so I chucked it and now I'm using my brand new laptop lol.

      Thank you, this Sophie blanket is a lot of work, but I really enjoy working on it.