Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fire Flower

My son has this obsession with the Mario Brothers, so previously he's asked me for a mushroom and a Cheep-Cheep.  The last week or so he's been asking for a fire flower.  So I made him one!

He's really little.  About the size of my palm.

He's the perfect size to go with his stuffed Mario that he plays with all the time, so that was what I was going for.  I'm kinda proud of him.  His head's a little lumpy, though because he got manhandled when I was attaching his eyes (oops!).

I'm taking a break from my Sophie still because my green yarn STILL hasn't come in yet.  I'm dying to get working on it!  I ordered on Thanksgiving night, though, so I expected to be waiting a little while.

I have been working on that kit I mentioned a couple posts ago and this is what I've got so far:

The entire project is only comprised of two colors, so it's really easy.  I've never done so many French knots in my life.  I'm about an eighth of the way done and I've made 10 French knots already.  One is too many for me, but to do ten already?  UGH!  I must say, though, I am really enjoying this project.  I'm finding the blues to be very calming and the overall pattern is turning out really beautifully.

I am terrible at French knots lol

I'm off to go play some more Mario Party with my minion and his fire flower.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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