Saturday, March 12, 2016

I forgot to edit

I posted yesterday?  The day before?  Something like that saying that I would add a picture of the square for the Moogly CAL.  I forgot to come back and edit the post with the image, so here's an image of that AND an image of the new blanket I'm working on.

First, here's the square for Moogly:

This is probably my favorite square so far for the CAL.  I loved making this one and it ended up being a really cute square.  I might have to make a blanket out of just this one with different colors.  Very fun to make.

Mmkay, here's the new blanket I'm working on:

Look familiar?  It should!  This is actually a picture I took this time last year when I made the first square of the blanket.  Now I've got all 7 of that square done and I'm almost done with the next 6 of the second square.  This is the Bold Blues Throw and it looks way prettier in person than the image shows.

Okay, I have to break up a sibling fight right now because my kids are at that age where fighting is pretty much all they do.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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