Thursday, May 12, 2016

Half my stuff is missing!

I have been unpacking my house by myself because my husband works most of the day.  Unfortunately I ended up throwing my back out really badly so I had to take a break.

This afternoon, for some reason, I got the itch to cross stitch.  I think it's my anxiety has built up because I haven't been able to do much around the house because of pain.  You know, feeling like a bump on a log.

I got off the couch and figured I'd wander upstairs and collect my massive scroll frame and peacock kit.  It dawned on me:  I haven't seen my peacock kit since California.  I keep all my stitching stuff in the same place and so it hadn't occurred to me before that my stuff wouldn't be there.  Habits, you know?

I figured I must have just forgotten to unpack it.  I went all the way downstairs and outside to my garage.  I dug through a couple boxes that I thought my stuff would be in and never found it.  Eventually I started getting angry and thinking, "Back pain be damned, I am going to find what I am looking for!"  I tore through my entire garage and never found anything.  I went through all the boxes that had previously been unpacked and as I went through each box, I tossed it aside.  Realizing that there were no more boxes to go through, I went back upstairs to check my stitching supplies again just in case I missed it.

Now I'm in more pain than I was when I started, and still all my stuff is missing.  I take inventory of my supplies, so I have a rough idea of everything that's missing:

My gigantic peacock kit (the whole thing...threads, canvas, everything)
All my hoops
All my threads
All my finished, but unframed projects
All my not finished projects
My pattern binders
My cross stitch magazines
Half my aida and linen (brand new)
All my needles.  Every single one except the one attached to my Geisha.
My seed beads
My project bags

I can't wait for my husband to come home this weekend because he said that he's going to help me unpack every box.  He's irritated because he helped me collect all that stuff over the years and a lot of things were gifts from him.

The only reason my Geisha was never touched by the movers was because it was in the car with me (and my two Sophie blankets) so I could work on her in the various hotels we stayed at.

So frustrated and really sad because I'm fearing the worst right now.  I really, really just hope I overlooked it all.

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