Friday, September 18, 2015

Mushroom Amigurumi and some Sophie updates

My son has been hounding me for a Mario mushroom that he can play with when he's pretending to be Mario.  So I googled some amigurumi patterns and made this earlier today:

Why yes, yes that is a two pound bag of Skittles in the background.

I have a Sophie update for both of the Sophie's Universe afghans I'm making.  I have first up:

The squares look really out of place in this photo, but I've started working on the border already and they don't stand out so much anymore which is nice.  I'm currently working on the second to last round of this blanket.  I'm definitely in the home stretch on this one.

Next up I have the more muted Sophie.  I finished page 9:

I can't get over how beautiful these blankets have turned out so far.  The first Sophie looks like an Easter egg and the muted one looks like something you'd see in a woodsy cabin.  I'm in love!

I'm watching My Little Pony with my favorite little girl right now, so I'm going to go do that for a while.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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