Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sophie is...

...DONE!  Well, one of the Sophies is done anyway.

Don't mind the blurriness of the picture.  I'm too short and had to jump to get the whole thing in the shot.  No panoramic option on my phone, you know?  

My Halloween costume came in the mail today and my son is super excited because I'm going to be Mario and he's going to be Luigi.  I am hoping my weight loss goes well because that costume is just slightly too small.  It's alright, though.  I have time to lose it and I've already dropped 6 pounds.

Side note:  if you DO order THIS, just know that you're going to really be in pain from the high riding crotch.  TMI, I know, but I figured if anyone was looking to buy that they need to know this.  

Mmkay.  I'm off to go fix the crotch of my costume.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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