Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working on lots

I have been away for a little bit because I've been resting up.  My back went out again and I needed to let it heal some.

While I was resting, I got a page (okay, two pages) of my other Sophie done:

Sorry for the poor quality of the first photo.  I didn't realize it was so bad until I uploaded it.  This is pages 10 and 11.  It's curly right now, but my first Sophie did that and it righted itself out within the next couple of rounds, so I think it's supposed to do that.

I have been working on my swap partner's gift.  I'm really, really hoping to be done by the deadline, but I'm definitely going to cut it close.  I had to wait forever for the things I needed to come in the mail.  Thank you, middle of nowhere!

I've been feeling rather ill the last few days, so I am just posting this update and then going to bed.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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