Friday, October 30, 2015


Someone slashed my tires.  I hardly use my car and today was the first time I'd tried to use my car in over 2 weeks.  I didn't even realize they were slashed until I was getting ready to load my son in the car.  Both tires on my passenger side.


Second unlucky thing is very minor, but when you're already annoyed, you know...ANYWAY, after my grocery trip, I realized that I accidentally smashed my eggs in the car door. So that was fun to clean.


Alrighty, I have a Sophie update :)

Page 13 is officially done.  I'm working on another afghan at the moment as well, but I'm not sharing until it's done because it's a stash buster and I'm expecting something gloriously ugly!  Which I will treasure anyway.

I'm tired and getting ready to cook dinner, so happy stitching, everyone!

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