Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disney Movie a Day

My kids and I are watching a Disney movie every morning with breakfast.  We don't have access to all the Disney movies because before I had kids I never bought them, but I don't mind watching things more than once.  We're on the Star Wars saga right now.  My daughter seems to LOVE these movies and my son seems pretty indifferent.  Personally I think my 2 year old daughter just has a crush on Anakin.

This was a good way to reduce the amount of Frozen that we watch in this household.  My daughter's new favorite movies are Star Wars (any) and Cinderella.  My son's new favorites are Monsters Inc., Big Hero 6, and The Incredibles.

Not that anyone cares haha!

Okay, on to some WIPs.  I finished the butterfly band on my Sophie blanket!  Here it is:

Don't mind the blurriness of the picture.  I'm only 5 feet tall and this blanket is now too big for me to take a picture of it without standing on something.  Sadly, there's nowhere in my house big enough to display it where I CAN stand on a chair or stool.  So...I jumped.  This picture took probably 20 tries to get right.  No, really.  

Random additional picture of Sophie, here's a picture of my cat preventing me from working on it because she decided to lay on my blanket while the hook was still in it:

This one's blurry because it was taken with a built in web-cam on my laptop...and we all know how great those are!

I'm working on my Geisha still, but I haven't finished enough that I want to post a WIP yet.  I will probably post a picture of her in the next few days, though.

Happy stitching, everyone.  Off to finish Revenge of the Sith.

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