Sunday, June 12, 2016

A fun visit.

I haven't been on here in a while because we have had a pretty busy couple months.  My dad came to visit in April, and now my sister came to visit in May.

While my sister was here, I taught her how to make granny squares and how to read patterns.  I used a kind of complex pattern to teach her how to read them, but it taught her a bunch of different stitches.  So now she's got some new skills.

Here's the square we made!  It's the Lise square by Polly Plum.

One is mine and one is hers.  

I think my sister is planning on making a blanket for her father for Christmas and his birthday.  She was asking about the price of shipping a blanket before she went home.  I'm always happy to share crafting with people.

I am going to go clean my house now, so happy stitching everyone!

UPDATE:  My cross stitching stuff has been mostly located.  My peacock is still missing.

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