Thursday, August 23, 2012

So little time

So I haven't been too faithful to my sketching, my cross stitching, or my crocheting.  No, I've been doing something much less important with my time.  I've fallen back into my constant video gaming routine, so I am going to have to manage my time a little more.  I mean, the only time I actually play video games (or cross stitch, or sketch, or crochet) is when my son is either napping or in bed for the night.  So I really don't have much time to do that anyway.

I guess I need to alternate days or something.  Darn video games.  I'm excited to play The Last Story which I pre-ordered but it still hasn't made it here yet.  I live in a very secluded area and so I'm not too worried about it.  It'll get here when it gets here.

My poor son today, I felt so bad for him.  He was in the living room and I turned away for just a second to shoo the cat away.  Not even a millisecond, and he pulled our couch table onto himself.  He has a nasty bruise on his thigh where it pinned him to the floor.  I don't think I've ever moved so fast though.  All I heard was the scream and I went running.  Nothing will ever panic a parent like hearing their child scream.  I think it scared him more than it hurt him.  I checked everything, made sure he wasn't broken anywhere, and then I snuggled him and covered him in kisses which seemed to make the poor baby feel better.

He got some ibuprofen before going to bed.  I'm going to check on him before I finally turn in, but I think he'll be alright.  Just a little bruised.

On that note, time to check on him and go to bed.  Good night!

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