Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wow, It's Been a While

So, I know it's been a while.  But to be honest, I almost forgot that I had this.  I saw a post in a forum asking if anyone had a blog, and well, I remembered that I have one!

So here's what's new:

I finished Vincent Valentine for my son's room, and it turned out pretty awesome!

Right now I'm working on Sailor Chibi Moon.  I created a pattern for her and am hoping that my next little one that I have is a girl simply because I want a reason to hang up all my girly patterns.  Actually, that's not true, I want another boy haha.  

This is as far as I got on her so far:

She's coming along quite nicely.

Bigger news than both of those, though.  We're expecting baby number two.  That's both good and bad.  Good because if I could have things my way, I would have a house full of children, bad because my son is still in diapers.  The only reason that's bad is because he's still so young and I'll be dealing with two babies at once which will be really stressful, but you know what?  I know I can handle it!  

We just got my son off of bottles.  He's officially on his sippy cups now.  I'm so lucky this kid is so laid back.  I mean, he took the bottle perfectly (we couldn't breast feed), he made no fuss when switching from formula to milk, he made no fuss when I changed his night time bottle to four ounces of water (used to be formula), he has so far made no fuss when switching from bottle to sippy.  I can not believe how lucky I am with this little boy.  Even the pregnancy was super easy!  I guess that means my next little one is going to be a pain :)  

Well, I'm going to do some stitching before bed, so goodnight all.

Random fact:  Elvis Presley's favorite ride at the carnival was the Bumper Cars.


  1. Your Vincent Valentine looks so great !!! I've probably already said that on Sprite Stitch forums, but I've just discovered your blog, so... !! ;-)

  2. Thank you :) I recognized your screen name lol