Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Hiatus but a TUSAL!

I keep having excuses as to why I'm not on here, but they're really good ones, I swear!  I have been dealing with a really bad ant problem in my apartment this last week or so.  To a point where I have been nonstop scrubbing my house from top to bottom.  Every single day.

I keep a clean house usually anyway, but this ant problem made things hard.  My son was playing near the baby gate and all of a sudden he starts screaming bloody murder and acts like he's panicking.  He runs over to me and I notice ants all over him.  I took him to the bathroom and sprayed him off in the tub and then once the tub was cleaned I gave him a eucalyptus bath.  He's got little red welts all over him now.  Kinda stinks.

We found out that the ant problem is caused by our downstairs neighbor.  Well...more like the pest control that they had done just moved the ants.  It didn't get rid of them, they just moved into OUR apartment instead.  Now that our house is relatively ant free (we still see one or two in the kitchen), I don't always feel like something is crawling on me, even when something isn't.

Enough about my ant problem haha.  I got about an hour's worth of stitching done recently while my morning sickness was at bay.  I stitch pretty slowly because I have bad eyesight, so bear with me a bit because not much got done.  I've been working on managing my morning sickness and I have it almost under control, so I'm hoping to be back to stitching regularly soon!  BUT...here's the TUSAL:

I got all the sugar pink finished finally (the shine on her hair).  So now I don't have any more of that to do until the next square.

As with every TUSAL, before I sign off, here's a random fact:  Isaac Newton died a virgin at 84 years old.

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