Thursday, September 20, 2012

So I entered a sweepstakes a while back and just today, my phone rings with a number I've never seen before.  So I answer and the woman tells me, "Congratulations, you won!"  I was like, "Great, what did I win?"  Thinking this was some kind of sketchy thing going after my information.  Nope it was legitimate because I remember entering the sweepstakes.

I won a free four day, three night Caribbean cruise.

I have never won anything in my life.  And I win this?  I have until March of 2014 to book the cruise and I think we'll do it around Christmas time so that I can visit my family in the same trip.  The only things we have to pay for is the transportation TO the cruise, the state sales tax (which I figured I'd have to pay anyway), and the port fees.  So if I had paid for the trip, it would have been $2400 for my husband and I.  Because we won it, we have a $400 trip.  The $400 covers meals, room, any and all activities, any and all shows, and a few other things that I don't remember.

Hope to get my cruise on before I have this baby!

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