Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wind Scorpion

So...kind of gross, but this guy:

...was in my bathroom.  Well, not him in particular, but that kind of bug (photo courtesy of  He is known as a wind scorpion and from what I've been reading, he's a type of camel spider.  They supposedly don't bite, but I'm a paranoid mama with a baby and I don't want to take the chance, so I was mean and I flushed him down the toilet.

But not before watching him for a while.  I'm weird, I know.  He (or she, I suppose) was just minding his own business when out of nowhere I turned on the bathroom light and disturbed him.  Weird part was that I had been in that bathroom not five minutes beforehand to brush my son's teeth.  I could have been standing right next to him and not known it!  Do you know how creepy that was?

The one in my bathroom was about an inch long and, like all bugs, creepy.  I'm going to go to bed now with that creepy crawling feeling.

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