Thursday, December 13, 2012

What one year old has his own blog?

Mine does.  My one year old has his own blog.  He somehow, while I was in the bathroom, logged out of my blog and had used autofill to fill in all my information on a "sign up" thing for blogger.  So, I figured that he must want his own blog.  I filled in all the missing information and signed him up with his own little baby blog.

I filled in his profile and everything.  He seems to really enjoy typing, even though you can't understand what he's saying.  Not an important thing, and it's really a rather pointless post, but it made my son happy, so it made me happy.

My whole family is sick right now.  We had someone out to work on the pipes for my building and now all of the family is sick.  My neighbor is too.  We're all taking a trip to the ER soon because we can't stop getting sick.  My poor dogs and cat can't go to the vet until the morning because I can't find an emergency vet.

Time for me to go take care of my son before we go to the ER because he's soiled his diaper AGAIN.

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