Friday, February 7, 2014

Yeah, Yeah, I Know I Didn't Post When I Said I Would...

...but in all honesty, no one really reads this anyway ;)

So I signed up for a charity quilt on SpriteStitch.  Here's the square I am going to stitch:

Obviously because of the resize to 96 x 96, it's going to lose a little of the detail, but the pattern I made is detailed enough that you can tell what it is.  I am soooo EXCITED for this.  I have never participated in a forum like I do SpriteStitch.  When I joined, I had created the account just so I could donate to them because I felt bad using their patterns but not contributing and then I just kind of...never stopped coming back lol.  I've even posted 3 of my own patterns on there now (Chibi Moon, Chibi Saturn, and Vincent Valentine).

So I've been working on that Little Explorer Birth Record kit, and here's the WIP several days late!

I have 2 more boxes and the border to do.  It's almost done and then I get to clean and press it.  I haven't found a frame I like yet, but I might wait on that until Ophelia's is done.  Her birth record that I picked up looks like an old time document that says, "Once upon a time a princess was born..." then her name, birthday, and birth weight.  

My husband picked up a kit from Hobby Lobby for me to stitch for Ophelia:

It's um...very far on the queue though.  I have to stitch like 8 or 9 other kits PLUS one of the patterns I made, PLUS I'm embarking on the Epic Pokemon Generation I pattern. might be a while lol

Anyway, I'm off for now, my infant got into my Nutella ;)  Happy stitching, everyone!

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