Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Train Your Dragon

My whole family is in love with the How to Train Your Dragon movies.  My husband especially.  So for Father's Day I've made him this:

That is a chibi Toothless the Dragon and I got the pattern HERE.  It was a very easy pattern to follow and a very fun amigurumi to make.  This is only my second amigurumi and I found him to be quite challenging as I'm not very good at sewing.

You'd think I would be okay considering my main craft is usually cross stitch, but no.

I have news, I'm moving!  We're packing up and going to Texas!  Not sure if I've mentioned that or not yet.  We're going to be moving to Fort Bliss soon (El Paso).

That's it.  Nothing exciting happening here.  Happy stitching, everyone!


  1. Also, I really want to learn how to make amigurumi. In fact, I have a kit somewhere....I'm sure you know that feeling, lol.

    1. Oh, if you could see my house, you'd think I was running a bootleg Hobby Lobby out of my front room. I totally get the feeling lol