Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Guess who I met! (kinda picture heavy)

So we had a visitor to our post yesterday because he's filming for his new television show.  We got to meet him,  He was very, very nice and my son even shook his hand.  He laughed at my daughter, you'll see why towards the end, but here are the pictures that were taken at the event:

The famous car.

Pulling in to the parking lot for the stage.

I adore this friggin' car.

This was actually before he even came to the stage.

Now, the next picture is of myself and my kids with him.  A word of warning, though, my daughter is less than pleased.  Observe:

LOOK AT THAT FACE!  Have you seen a more miserable child?  I have never seen any child so miserable to meet a celebrity...except maybe this one:

I did not take ANY of the photos, but I have permission to share them and if you would like to see ALL the pictures of Leno's visit to Fort Irwin, you can see them HERE.  The last picture was snagged from a Google image search, but I've seen it all over Facebook and the Obamas' faces make me laugh every time.

Still working on my Sophie's Universe blanket, got yarn to start ANOTHER one, I'm almost done with my son's blanket, I've started even another blanket, AND I'm working on two cross stitch projects all at once.  Tomorrow I will post WIPs on most of my stuff.  Happy stitching, everyone.

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  1. Ah-hahahaha!!! I love your comparison to the tantrum kid!