Sunday, July 26, 2015

Renewed interest in my Geisha

I have finally been working on my Geisha again.  I'm actually far enough that I can roll my scroll (that rhymes!) and start working on the top half of the pattern.  Moving on to another part of the pattern has made me interested in working on her again.  She was really slow going during that last leg of the bottom of her kimono (lots of "of").

Anyway, here's the last time/this time side by side!

I rolled the scroll up already so I could start working on the purple that's coming.  It's a really lovely purple.  I ran out of gold metallic thread, so I will have to buy it next time I'm in town, but for now I don't need it.

I scrapped my neon Sophie blanket because it was really, really busy.  I mean, I get that the pattern is kinda busy anyway, but that one looked really bad and was quite the eyesore, so I'm probably going to unravel it and use the yarn for something else.

I joined that mystery CAL and am now done with squares 4 and 5:

Square 4

Square 5

I like these circle to square afghan squares.  They're pretty cute.  I'm not so good at the back loop crochet, which is why they have less of a circle shape and more of a dodecagon shape.  I still love the way they look.  Each square so far has a similar look, but because of the colors I chose, they all look so different!

My other project I'm working on is...well, I can't show or tell because it's for my swap partner.  I just really hope they like it.  It's definitely been a new experience for me because I've never made anything like this.  I know I will probably make one for myself because it's really neat.

Nothing more to add, off to finish these last two rounds of the pattern I'm crocheting.

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