Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Serial Starter

It's official, I am a serial starter.  I start a lot of projects.  Oh, I do finish them, but I always have many, many going at once.  That being said, here are the first two WIPs of my THIRD Sophie's Universe blanket:

You can't tell by the pictures, but the colors are neons, black, and white.  I'm really loving the way it looks in person, but it's rather ugly in the pictures.  Ah well.  Here are the four WIPs for my second Sophie:

I'm almost done with the 15th page of my first Sophie.  Hopefully I'll be done with that before I go to bed tonight.

I bought yarn recently to make THIS.  It's black, white, and bright pink variegated yarn.  I'm really excited to start that.

My father came to visit for my birthday and while he was here he joked that he'd like me to make him a blanket, so I am making him one.  I hope he realizes that I am very serious about making a blanket because I've bought the yarn and pattern for something for him.  He lives in Michigan, so a blanket for Christmas would be a great idea with all that snow they get.

I'm going to go finish that page I'm on in my pattern and then I'm probably going to read a book.  Happy stitching everyone!

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