Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nothing Cool Ever Happens To Me

Brad Pitt is in town.  Really.

He is filming with a crew out here and in my little isolated military post, this is big news.  All the wives out here don't have their husbands (I do, he's got a 9-5 job) and so Mr. Pitt is one of few men in a sea of women and he is ALL they're talking about.  A lot of women took pictures with him.  A lot of soldiers out in the box took pictures with him.  I haven't.  I probably won't get to unless he does some sort of meet and greet.

So who's jelly?  I'm frikkin' jelly!

I'd be starstruck if I met him, more so his wife, but I'd still be a little fangirl if I met him.

If I happen to get a picture, I'll post on here, but I doubt I will because the odds of me just running into him are slim to none lol

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