Friday, January 31, 2014


Random update to say that I'm alive.  No WIP yet.  I'll have one probably tomorrow some time.

So...I have to take this medicine for my stomach problem.  Now, I've had pain in my side my whole life, but it seems to me that since starting the medicine, I have a LOT more pain.  A lot.  I don't sleep as well, I'm more irritable, and I'm almost always nauseated.  It seems to me that I was happier not having medicine that's supposed to help.

I just got the notification from my insurance that my referral request was approved, so when I go see the specialist I'm going to ask if there's something else I can take.  I already asked my doctor here on post, but all he said was, "Well, it's either that or steroids."  He didn't even look up from his clipboard or anything.  The doctors and nurses here are very impersonal and it's a little frustrating.  I mean...I have chronic back pain from a car accident I was in several years ago and I went in to get some of the prescription strength ibuprofen (because otherwise I go through the OTC stuff like candy).  The doctor looked at me and said, "What do you want me to do?"  It was weird because he looked REALLY high.

Anyway, off my vent.

I have an angry baby to deal with and I'm not feeling well, so happy stitching, everyone.

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