Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aaaaaaand another kit

My husband and daughter went shopping yesterday and while at Hobby Lobby, my daughter picked up a cross stitch kit and was adamant that she needed it.  It was one of the cute little 5x7 ones with an inspirational saying.  So naturally with my husband not being able to say no to our daughter, he bought it.

It was this one:

Who am I to say no to a new kit that my daughter picks out?  I mean really...

Anyway, I have set aside my crafting the last few days because I've been playing a TON of Dragon Age.  How great is that game?  I'm addicted!  I am planning on not playing until later tonight so I can work on my blanket and Geisha a bit.

I am going to crochet a couple of squares while watching the Lego Movie with my kids.  So I am off for now!  Happy stitching, everyone.

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