Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello Kitty Hat

I made my daughter a Hello Kitty hat and though it's not perfect, my daughter loves it.

Sorry for the washed out first picture.  I used the flash on my phone and when I turned the flash off you couldn't see anything at all.  I don't know what the deal is with the lighting in my house.  Most of the time I take pictures in my son's room or in the bathroom because those are the only two rooms with good lighting. daughter loves this hat.  I mean she really loves it.  If you've ever seen Bob's Burgers, my daughter wears her Hello Kitty hat like Louise wears her bunny ears.

I also made a beret style hat for myself.  I don't look good in hats, but I really, really like this one.

I'm going to be remaking this one using the same variegated yarn, but with either a dark purple or black yarn as the other color.  So many tails to tuck in with this hat.  I am pretty proud of the way it turned out because I had to improvise a lot.
Okay, that's it.  I will make my second beret/beanie hat and then no more crochet until the mystery afghan clues come out.  I will definitely be updating with WIPs of that.  Until then, I get to focus all my attention on my Geisha.  Once I finish up with the flowers on her kimono (taking FOREVER) then I will post a WIP of her.  

Time to go cook dinner.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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  1. Stop being so awesome! You're gonna make me start crocheting!!