Monday, January 26, 2015

Sailor Moon glove

I'm working on a pair of Sailor Moon fingerless gloves.  I found this adorable pattern and decided that I just HAD to have it.  I've only made one so far, but it turned out really, really cute!

I have to make a couple more pairs in different senshi colors so that I can send them to friends.  I have a LOT of commissions lol  I might go buy some buttons from the craft store and replace that middle part of the bow (the "brooch") with a button to give it a more cutesy look.

I'm going to be finishing up the other glove today and then I'm going to work on my Geisha whenever my daughter goes down for a nap so I can work uninterrupted for a while.  I have two more rows of blue stitching and then I move on to the next portion of her kimono.  I'm soooo happy to be on another section finally.  I was getting bored with blue.  I mean, the blue's pretty and all, but there's just so much of it.

It's first thing in the morning here and I haven't had my coffee yet, so I'm going to go take care of that.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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