Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thievery is a really unbecoming action

So I'm part of a forum that exchanges cross stitching patterns and we help each other out with advice and tips.  Well, some woman named Dixie Champoux decided that she would take it upon herself to make money off everyone's patterns and ideas, you know, since we weren't willing to make money on them.  She didn't ask permission, she didn't credit, and she's making at least 5 bucks off each pattern.  I only have 2 on her site, but several people have many patterns.  Our efforts to try to shut her down have deleted her facebook, her pinterest, and her etsy account.  I'm not sure what else we've dug our claws into, but as long as we can deter traffic from her site until she either gives us credit or removes our artwork, I'm happy with the progress.  One of the patterns on her site that she took from me was one that I had featured on here even!  You know, the Sailor Chibi Moon I've been working on forever?  Yeah, that one.  Every time I post to her site, "This is my artwork, please take it down," she removes it and ignores it.  It's only a matter of time, though.  I've filed copyright complaints with Google already because she has a Google+ account and she links to my artwork that she's selling illegally.

On another note (enough about thieving wieners), I finally finished Sailor Chibi Moon, but...I finished her almost a week ago lol.  I've already started my Bambi's First Year kit.  It's funny because I'm very much a novice when it comes to cross stitching and I decided, "All THAT out the window, let's do the biggest, hardest kit I can find!"  But I'm crazy like that :)  Anyway, a much awaited finished product of MY Sailor Chibi Moon pattern that SOME WIENER STOLE FROM ME AND IS SELLING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!

And the back of it:

Well, she took forever, but she looks really good.  All I have to do is clean and press her and then frame her for my daughter's nursery :)  I'm in the middle of creating a custom Sailor Ophelia for when she's here so that she has a sailor scout that's completely original and just for her.  No one else will have her unless some WIENER STEALS MY PATTERN AGAIN!  I'm creating a watermark that I'm going to start adding to my PDF's before I post them for everyone to use.  I figure it's hard to remove a watermark from the artwork and it makes it so that if someone else uses it, it's a lot easier to identify.  With that, I'm going to bed. 


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