Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kicking Myself

So there's this book called Twisted Stitches and I found it in Barnes and Noble.  I picked it up with the intent to buy it and I got distracted by my two year old and set it down and have not seen it since.  I should have held on to it.  What are the odds that someone was looking for the exact same book as me?  The last time I was at B&N, I looked for it again and couldn't find it.  I even asked the customer service rep to see if they had it in stock and they did.  I just couldn't find it.  I guess I'm going to have to buckle down and order it online.  I hate ordering things out here because they more often than not get stolen off your door step.

Anyway, Twisted Stitches is adorable.  It's a great book for those who are not into the classic flowers and birds cross stitching patterns.  I tend to stitch video game and anime things, but I KNOW I would be able to find things to do with the cute little demented patterns in that book.

This week has been hectic.  I am having a birthday party for my two year old and his one friend is allergic to a lot of things, so it gives me an excuse to really deep clean the house.  Yeah, yeah, I don't need an excuse, I should do it anyway, but with two kids, that gets hard to do lol.  I have to finish planning my menu for the day, too.

Well, off to take care of my darling daughter.  She just started crying.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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