Monday, May 5, 2014

Halfway There!

I'm really praying that I make it in time, I feel like I'm falling behind with this Jak square.  I'm halfway done as of last night, though!  Here it is so far:

I really want to do a bigger version of this for myself and have it more detailed because this is one of my favorite pictures.  This and then of course there's this one:

I would love to do that picture as a pixelhobby image.

Speaking of Pixelhobby, I just created a Majora's Mask pattern.  I went to order supplies and apparently the size of this thing is a bit much because it was $206 dollars.  That's fine, I'll just save up my money until I can buy it.  Meanwhile the pattern is tucked away in my "completed patterns" folder on my little Toshiba.

I was just thinking, my KG-Chart is good for pattern making, but the largest you can do is 100 x 100 stitches.  The thing I'm wondering is why am I able to create larger patterns in my older, non-updated version?  My little netbook has the KG-Chart from 2012, but this Toshiba has the most recent version and in my older one, I can do up to 500 x 500 stitches.  Just seems odd to me, is all.  Guess all my larger patterns will be made on my little, slow netbook.

Alright, I'm off to continue stitching.  If I keep stitching at the pace I'm going, I might have another WIP tomorrow.  Happy stitching, everybody!

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  1. I love Pixelhobby! It can be pricey, but the end results are awesome!