Sunday, November 9, 2014

I Yuh Yoo

My daughter says I love you!  She started saying it today.  She says, "I yuh yoo."  She never says it to me or my husband, but she says it to her brother a lot.

I forgot to ask how everyone's Halloween went?  Any exciting things happen?  Nothing exciting happened here except my son throwing a tantrum when he was done trick-or-treating because he was tired.

I pickled my own beets for the first time yesterday.  Made my whole house smell like those little sweet pickles.  It was pretty awesome.  I tried them this morning and they were pretty good.  I probably should have made more because my kids are all over them.  I suppose there are worse foods for them to like.

I have all my Christmas shopping done already, so I guess there's nothing left to do but save.  

This post was a roundabout way of saying that nothing is happening right now.  Nothing.  I live a boring life, what can I say?  I do have a WIP of my son's blanket, though!

I'm pretty sure I've done two rows since the last update.  I'm so excited to be in the final stretch!  Five more rows and I'll be done...then I get to start my daughter's blanket.

Time for bed, I'm coming down with the same cold my kids both have, so I figure an early bed time is the best thing I can do right now.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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  1. It's not just you. My life is pretty boring, too, lol. My daughter walked a full 1/2 block before declaring that she was done with trick-or-treating; it took me longer to get her ready than it did to go door to door!
    I've been cross stitching these little coin purses I got from Michael's for the millions of nieces and nephews I have. Unfortunately, I can't find anymore of them and they were made by Michael's, so I can't even get them online. I might have to find another cheap, fast alternative because I can't leave kids out. I got addicted to cross stitching and now it's all I want to do, lol.