Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Apparently I lied

I have been having these massive headaches lately, so I haven't been cross stitching.  I lied about not crocheting until the mystery afghan apparently because I uh...started a Rainbow Dash inspired blanket for my daughter.

This is done in all neon colors and black.  This is actually a second attempt as I had made it to the blue you see and realized I had counted wrong.  So I fastened that blue round off and made the other attempt into a matching mini blanket for her singing Rainbow Dash that she sleeps with every night.  

I am actually two rounds past what you see in the picture.

I went to the doctor about my headaches and the doctor has put me on all sorts of medicines.  I have a follow up in two weeks and if the headaches aren't better, I have to have my head scanned.  While I was at the doctor's office today, she also noted that my tonsils are huge.  She said that if the allergy medicines that she put me on don't help with that, I'm going to have to have them removed because the right tonsil is starting to block my airway when I lie down.

So...yay?  It's been a stressful week, but the crocheting has been keeping my hands busy and keeping my mind off the worrying about my health without contributing to my headaches.

I'm going to lie down a bit and hope my headache goes away.  Happy stitching, everyone.

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  1. *hugs! I hope you get to feeling better!
    I am sooo loving the colors in your crochet!.