Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Side effects may include: ANOREXIA

I have noticed lately that I am just not hungry.  Or when I am hungry I really just don't want food at all.  So I'll grab a glass of water or something.  If I do end up eating something I get two bites in and I'm full or I feel like when you really over stuff yourself.  You know, that yucky "I ate too much" feeling?  I constantly feel like that.

I started keeping track of my calories on my My Fitness Pal app so that I could make sure that I'm not under doing it.  According to the app, I'm barely taking in 800 calories a day.  So I've created a meal plan specifically for myself and put timers on my phone so that I am reminded to eat because if I don't do things this way I just won't eat.

I was wondering why I've been feeling this way and I looked up the side effects of my medications and my vitamin supplements.  I found that my vitamin D supplement can cause the side effect of "anorexia."  Not anorexia as in I think I'm horribly fat and need to not eat to keep my calories under control, but the kind of anorexia where you just don't eat.  Whether it's because you never feel hungry or maybe because you're like me where you feel full after only a small amount of food.

Ah well, I will live.

I have a WIP of my mystery afghan!

It's a bit busy, I'll admit, but I do love it anyway.  I love gaudy things, so this will fit right in with the rest of my stuff!  This week there is no mystery afghan clue, so I have an entire week off of this to work on my geisha.  Which I have not touched since the last WIP, sadly.

I am out of blue yarn for my daughter's rainbow blanket, so that one's on hiatus until I can get to Hobby Lobby...whenever that's going to be.  

I have been making squares for my "Bold Blues" blanket:

Admittedly I only have two squares done.  And only one with all the tails tucked it.  So it's slow going.

Hmm...anything else?  No...I don't think so.  I'm buying more yarn to make a shawl?  That's about it.

Off to go shopping for my youngest minion's birthday gift.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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