Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I had a moment today when I thought that I might cry from happiness.  My kids and I went to Subway to have a lunch date with my husband because he got two hours for lunch today.  The Subway here has a little set up of tables outside.  Where we were sitting, my son was facing the Starbucks logo on the building.

He says, "Look, Mama," so I looked.  Then he says, "S," while pointing at the logo.  A little shocked, I asked my husband if he heard what Vincent had just said.  So I said, "Yes, Honey, that is an 's'."  Then he said, "T."  Shocked again, I said, "Yes, Baby, that IS a 't'."  He told me the letter "u" and the the letter "k".  I think he said the letter "Q" because he gets it confused with "O".

Who knows?  I didn't even know he knew the letters to begin with!  I guess all that reading and playing word games pays off.

Sorry, had to Mommy Brag for a minute!

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