Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stresses, Stresses, and More Stresses

Okay, so I've been away again---I've been very stressed, panic attacks and the like (YAY NEW MEDICINE!...ugh...)---and I don't know if I ever updated on my son's birth record, but it's finished.

I've also started on my daughter's birth record and my charity quilt square.  Right now my square is priority because...well, I have this feeling if I don't do it now, I won't get to it at all.  Then once that's done, I'm going to do my other square and then mail them off.  

I figure a poster tube is the easiest route because I can't find any envelopes in this middle of nowhere place.

Okay, off of my topic, here's something that makes me feel like a total douche and a half!  I let my dogs out for their last potty break around 2000 last night.  I said out loud to my dogs, "Wow, someone's fire smells amazing!"  

That fire? husband's coworker's house burned down.  I was enjoying the smell of his house burning down and didn't know it.  The poor guy lost everything including his pets.  So sad :(   At least it seems the nasties in Fort Irwin are all putting their differences aside to help this poor guy.  We're cooking for him so he has hot food every night.  

I feel sooooooo bad about enjoying that smell :(

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