Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wish Us Luck

About a year ago, I adopted a dog from someone on post.  When I adopted her, she was broken.  She was skittish, she peed any time anyone was near her, she was terrified of anything and everything that moved, she wasn't housebroken, she was never trained, she was terribly underweight, and she ate as if she was afraid that it would be her last time.

Now, she is housebroken, she has much more energy, she's exactly where she needs to be in weight, she still eats as if she is afraid it'll be her last time (she's got a nubby bowl to help slow her down a bit), and she hasn't submissive peed in over a month.  So now that her work seems to be done, she's being allowed to wander the house freely instead of being confined to just the tiled areas.

So far, she's been exceptional.  I am so glad that we got this wonderful girl because who knows what would have happened to her if someone who has no patience ended up with her.

Here she is trying to clean up the juice my son spilled on the floor this morning at breakfast:

The other dog is my Fatsticks (yes, that's really his name).  We've been trying to have him lead by example for her because he has been fully trained since he was a puppy.  I am so glad our hard work paid off.

Wish us luck that she continues on this path of recovery!

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