Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sometimes You Get Hit Back...

So that heavy bag is fantastic.  That being said, have you ever had a moment when you injured yourself and thought, "Yep, I deserved that."'s my story about my moment tonight.

After I finish with the bag, I play with the dogs.  It's good for them, and we use the time to train as well.  Tonight we played.  Well, while I was playing with my dogs, I whipped around to chase Mia and smacked the bag with my hand by accident.  Now...when I say smacked, I really mean that I hit it HARD.  So hard in fact that it bounced off the back bar of my stand, swung back, and when I went to stop it, it crunched my pinky.  Had I not tried to stop it swinging, which I only do out of habit, my finger would probably be fine.

If it had hit any harder, I probably would have dislocated it (or worse).  Right now it's nice and swollen and the joint is very, very tight.  I can still bend it with only a little pain.  Most of the pain is if I touch it or stretch it to use the "enter" button while typing (you know, that sideways stretch).

It should be better in a couple days, I'm sure.

Now, excuse me while I go watch the episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Hal starts playing Jump Jump Dance Party...I miss playing Dance Dance Revolution with my friends...........

Happy stitching, everyone!

P.S. I still haven't finished my son's birth record, sadly.


  1. I did recently hurt myself on a bag, actually! I was doing spinning backfists and on my last one I hit the bag with my elbow instead of my hand. Ho. Lee. CRAP! I am so lucky I didn't break it or do serious damage! Totally my fault though. I should've paid attention!

    1. Scary! Glad you're alright! It's crazy the amount of damage you can do with a heavy bag without even trying.