Sunday, February 15, 2015

Can't catch a break

Valentine's Day was fun...until it wasn't.  Valentine's DAY was great, Valentine's evening and through the night was terrible.  It all started with my toddler saying, "My tummy hurts."  He then burst into tears and so I made him go to the bathroom.  He didn't do anything, so I asked him if he wanted a bath to help him feel better.  He said yes and when he was in the tub, he started crying again and telling me his stomach hurts.  So I picked him up to put him on the toilet and as soon as I picked him up he threw up all over me.

Then, because I tried to move him over to the toilet so that he wasn't throwing up on me and the floor anymore, I threw out my back.  I jarred myself so badly that I screamed and scared the kids half to death.  My son's already throwing up and my daughter's crying because he scared her...then Mommy screams.  Probably pretty terrifying.

I tried to stand up, but I couldn't.  I had to drag myself (because even crawling was excruciating) to the living room where I knew my phone was.  I called my husband and it rang.  And rang...and rang.  I finally got to the message and I was bawling into the phone, begging him to please answer his phone and to come home immediately.

I hung up and not even five seconds later he was through the door trying to help me up.  I pushed him away and told him he needed to go take care of Vincent.  I just laid on the floor crying (did I mention I was in a lot of pain?  Because I was in a lot of pain) and trying not to move.  My daughter was sitting next to me rubbing my back.  

When my husband finally got my son and the bathroom cleaned up, he came over to me and helped me up.  He got me to the couch, but I couldn't find a good way to sit that wasn't really painful.  My daughter climbed into my lap and kept saying, "'S'okay, 's'okay," and petting my hair.  Who knew a one year old could be so sweet?

Eventually, once we let my son throw up a few more times, we all went to the hospital.

I got to sit in the hospital getting x-rays and shots.  My son went home with some anti-nausea meds.  My husband left me at the hospital so he could put the kids to bed.  It was only 8:30 at night, but my son was exhausted and my daughter was starting to get crabby.  The doctors and nurses kept asking me to move my legs which was really painful, then when the doctor asked me to roll onto my side was the worst.

Finally, after x-rays, an anti-inflammatory shot, and a Valium, they were ready to send me home. I'm on bed rest for the next week and I have a follow up appointment where they're going to re-evaluate everything and see if they can't help me manage my pain.

This morning is the same.  I can't stand up on my own, I can't sit down on my own, and I never, ever once thought that putting on a pair of pants would be the most difficult thing I do today.  

Thank God for wrap skirts.


  1. *hugs to you!* I hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Man, what a rough go at life you've had recently! Thank goodness your husband was there (and willing) to help. Please use this time to actually rest; I'm a mom, I know you still feel like you have to be Super Mom. You clearly deserve the time off.

    1. Thank you, I am definitely one to try to be Super Mom, so my husband's constantly harping me.