Friday, February 6, 2015

Random "I'm still alive" post

I am still experiencing extremely painful headaches so I have not been cross stitching.  I quit my antidepressant cold turkey because my doctor won't refill my prescription and instead switched me to a different one that is not an SRI.  This means I'm going through severe withdrawals.

I'm extremely sensitive and very irritable.  I have the painful headaches, nightmares, and a weird symptom where it seems that my eyes and brain are not on the same page.  Like my eyes have to "reset" or something.  It's really odd.

I'm only talking about this to y'all because I just kind of needed to vent.  I'm very frustrated and I'm hoping that this goes away soon.  The nightmares are the most debilitating thing for me right now and the worst part is that they're extremely, extremely real.  I hate this.  I really, really hate this.

Don't mind my venting.


  1. Did your doctor take you off the SRI because of the side effects? It seems counterproductive to just stop your meds without weaning you off if the withdrawal is worse than the side effects. No need to answer. Just being nosy. Feel free to vent away. I really had been wondering where you went. I'm sorry this is happening to you.

    1. Yes, she's trying to rule out the SRI as the cause of my headaches. I was thinking that she should have weaned me and my therapist agrees, but unfortunately with my primary doctor not wanting to refill the prescription, I'm kind of stuck doing it the hard way. Ah well, such is life, huh?