Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A WIP, a finish, and February's Loot Crate!

On the drawing challenge, even with the darned prompts I'm kind of going through a block.  I suck, sorry.  My family and I are all finally feeling better.  My back still hurts a bit, but I think I will be okay while my husband is away.

I have a WIP of my Geisha finally because I finished all those darned little flowers:

Last time and this time.  I've started on the back stitching in the blue areas now.  I haven't been working on her for a little while because the way I have to sit with my scroll frame doesn't allow for me to move around much and that hurts my back.  I was able to stitch for a long time the other night and so I decided to share what I've done.  She's still going and definitely not forgotten!

I have been waiting anxiously all week for the next Crochet Crowd clue, so to kill time this week I worked a bit on my daughter's blanket AND I made her a little owl purse because she is always digging in my purse.  I figured she would like to have her own, so this is the one I made:

The pattern was a freebie from Red Heart and you can find it HERE and make your own.  This one was definitely a fun little one day project.  

I want to update with my friend's birthday gift, but I don't think she has received it yet (sent it across country, you know).  I figured I better wait until she gets it before I post pictures because I have no idea if she reads this or not.  

Alright, last, but definitely not least, here's the Loot Crate!

First off, we have the reveal!

Lots and lots of stuff that I was excited for.  This crate was kind of heavy compared to some of the previous ones.  

Next up:

Don't know why this is sideways and I really have no idea where the tiny screwdriver came from.  Anyway, that is a 100 card Superfight deck that is Loot Crate exclusive.  I have never played Superfight, but I read the directions and I would love to play this.  The Munny figure is actually something that I constantly look at when I'm at the book store and debate buying but never actually get.  Glad I got one in the Loot Crate because now I don't have to debate!

Next we have:

This is a novel that I've actually never heard of.  I'm really behind with my books and movies and what-not.  I have added this to my queue for reading and I'm hoping it's good.  It definitely is intriguing.  

Something for my son:

Again, I have no idea why this is sideways.  In my files, when I look at it, it's not sideways.  When I click to change the rotation, it shows it as being right, so...I think I broke the picture.  Sorry for the blurriness, I usually take the pictures with the iPad, but it was dead.  The man cub snagged that Hex Bug as soon as he saw it.  Lucky I actually got a picture of it.

And finally, the BOX IS A BOARD GAME!

I haven't played it yet because my kids are destructive and so I want to play when my kids are in bed.  My husband has been working at night, so he hasn't been available and I am NOT going to play by myself.  I love board games and so I'm hoping my husband and I can play it soon.

Mmkay, off to check on The Crochet Crowd again to see if the next clue has been released.  Happy stitching, everyone!

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  1. My daughter took my Hex ant too! I thought this was the best Loot Crate in quite a while.