Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cutting it awfully close!

I finished the blanket finally!  It's Christmas Eve, so I knew I needed to force myself to sit and get it done.  It is done!

The border is a single crochet tan border.  The tan is the same color as Link's skin in the sprite.  It's in the wash to soften up the yarn right now.

Here's both of them laid out together side by side:

Laid out like they are in that picture, they take up the entire floor in my son's bedroom.  So they're not small blankets.  I am five feet tall and the blanket on the left covers me from my feet to the middle of my chest.  The one on the right goes almost to my neck.  They're both really, really, really (emphasis on really), heavy.  Perfect for lounging in the winter time.

They're currently folded up in my gift hiding spot (not like the kids haven't seen them) and dryer sheets folded in each layer.

Now that I have both of these done I can finally focus all my energy on my Geisha.  I should have a ton of WIPs soon.  I'm off to finish baking my gingerbread men and then I'm finishing my wrapping.  Happy stitching, everyone.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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