Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Still no news

I hate this constant waiting of everything.  He's supposed to be ETSing to get out of the Army, but he was in the office and the dream job he's always wanted opened up, so they are willing to reenlist him for that job.  The problem I have is that we're in this waiting game.  I wish we just knew.  I don't care if I'm going home, I don't care if I'm staying here, I don't care if I'm moving to frikkin' Alaska (note:  I would actually LOVE to go to Alaska), I just don't want to wait anymore to know.  I hate it.  I really, sincerely hope that my husband gets the job he wants because he has been talking about this since we met.

Well, off my drama, I have, well, it's not really a WIP.  I have my stack of granny squares because I am very tired and have had a long, headache filled day.  So here's my granny squares all ready to be stitched together!

I just bought some Christmas gifts for myself.  I bought a Tunisian crochet hook which I have never used and have no projects lined up for.  My mother always says that you should buy first and plan for it later when it came to craft supplies.  I also bought these two kits:

Oh, my GOODNESS, I'm in love.

These are Janlynn kits which I've only ever done once before.  I really hope these turn out, but unfortunately the random item picker that chooses my next project chose the Teresa Wentzler Summer which is a very complicated carousel horse pattern.  Ah well, I'll get to these eventually.  I just like having them in my stash.

Alright, off to go play some Hyrule Warriors before I go to bed.  Goodnight, all, and happy stitching, everyone!

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  1. Those ornaments are adorable!
    Crossing my fingers for your husband!